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Guest Post: Harry’s Favorite Things

1. Pizza Port – Monterey pizza is really good and the Swami’s IPA is excellent. Best place to go with a lot of people. The one in Solana Beach is my favorite but the new one in Ocean Beach is usually less crowded.

2. Canned beer/Avery IPA – I’m a recycling nut and all those bottles take up so much space. People say it doesn’t taste as good, but they’re wrong. Other favs are Caldera IPA, Oskar Blues Old Chub and Gubna. California brewers are finally doing this with Sierra Nevada putting Torpedo in a 16 oz can. Also goes great with…

3. Thai Curry – Red, green, yellow, chicken, tofu, shrimp, so yummy I could eat it twice a day.

4. Mission Proto VSI skates – Since I play inline hockey 2-3 times a week, I need a skate that fits well and is light. I have two pairs, plus an older, beat-up pair of Proto VS skates for going around the lake/bay with Michelle.

5. CCM Thornton Blades – The inline hockey surface is a slightly rough concrete and it acts like sandpaper to my stick blades. It’s much cheaper to replace the blade than buy a $100 stick every two months. I hope they keep making them when he retires.

6. Sansa Clip+ – Best. MP3 player. Ever. Clips to my t-shirt collar for a run around the lake plus it’s expandable with microSDHC cards. Also works great for taking data back and forth to work.

7. Ikea Jerker Desk – Great desk with a funny name. I started standing at my desk and this desk adjusts to the right height. Plus it’s got great storage areas for my computers. I’ll be adding some additional hidden mounts under the desk to hide my cables and router gear.

8. Vmware/Cygwin – Allows me to run Linux and use Gnu tools (bash, g++, Emacs, ssh, XWindows) while I’m using Windows. Need both for work and it’s a pain to have two computers.

9. Subaru Outback – So versatile. Use it to carry big stuff from Home Depot, hockey gear, camping gear plus it’s not as big as a SUV and gets better gas mileage.

10. AT&T Uverse – So sad we gave this up for Time-Warner cable. TW only has two pros: slow-motion and it’s cheaper. As soon as our contract is up, we’re going back to UVerse.

11. Hot sauce – Because my list goes all the way to 11 and everything is better with it (PB&J and Sriracha). As you can tell, I keep a variety on hand for every spicing need.


Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 3: Week 11

Our tenth week is complete! Today our contestants celebrate ten weeks into the cockiest and rudest weight loss competition evahhhh! It’s Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 3!

As we begin the 11th week of BC&RL3, we take a peek at somewhere BC&RL has never gone before … into the cupboards! Much like our ‘in the fridge’ week, this week we take a look inside each of our contestant’s cupboards, pantries, or wherever they’re storing their non-refrigerated foodstuff.  Check it out!

Our pantry is a converted broom closet. The top two shelves hold liquids (olive oil, vinegar, key lime juice, Thai fish sauce, etc…), while the next two shelves are mostly canned goods (lots of pineapple, tuna, various soups, tomatoes, etc….) The lowest shelves (mostly off camera) have non-food items, such as trash bags and various food storage items. I mostly use the stuff on the top two shelves; the rest of the pantry mostly consists of forgotten items lost in the transition from grocery bag to dust bin.

This could be called my Carb Cupboard (sorry Polt). This picture shows it tidier than it sometimes is, and messier than at other times. The top shelf is carb heaven – pasta, noodles, mac & cheese and rice; second shelf is canned goods and things like drink mixes; third shelf is breakfast stuff – cereal, juice (and ice-cream toppings – not so breakfasty); fourth shelf is snacks – crackers, chips, popcorn, little fruit cup thingies for lunches; bottom shelf is trash bags, light bulbs and potatoes. There is a shelf above you can’t see, but it is empty juice jugs, vases and booze. Ahem.

Mr. Sombrero
All I have are spices and shit. I’m going for the win. Vote for me in The Messiest A** Pantry – 2012. Yeah, no comment.

Most of my non-refrigerated food is in these three cupboards. The others contain some spices and extra dry goods. Note the supply of oatmeal, raisins, and cinnamon ready for breakfast.

So this week, we’re talking what’s in our cupboard. In my cupboards all I have are dishes, glasses, Tupperware, that sorta stuff. I do have a pantry, but I use that for storage purposes. And I have a series of shelves in the cellar way, but they only contain some cans of soup, green beans, spaghetti-O’s, fruit salad, some salad dressing and a lonely can of tuna. Most of my non-refrigerated food I just store on my counter top like so: cereal, popcorn, peanut butter, whole wheat bread, spray cheese, sugarless caramels, Pringles, and Crystal Light. I don’t eat the pathetic looking plant there, I’ve had Janis for about ten years, longer than any plant I’ve ever had.

You can see that I keep my kitchen cabinets better stocked than the fridge. That is influenced by the fact that I am obsessed with having every possible spice on hand in case it ever comes up in an exotic recipe. AND I DON’T HAVE THEM ALL YET. You can also see healthy olive oil on one shelf and brown rice on the other. See…I am trying.

Michelle M.
We have a tiny cupboard. Here’s what’s in it.
1. coffee (for Harry) tea and hot chocolate
2. canned vegetables and beans
3. nuts, popcorn, raisins, nuts and emergency chocolate
4. rice, pasta, lentils, Asian noodles
5. bread, soup, vegetable and chicken broth
6. cooking oils, hot sauce, pasta sauce, peanut butter
7. cereal, granola bars, pretzels, crackers
8. baking stuff
9. Harry’s breakfast fixings (oatmeal and stuff to make it taste good).

Left top: teas, oatmeal, olive oil. Left middle: Emergen-C, random ingredients, soy sauce, pepper oil, balsamic vinegar. Bottom left: lots of spices and seasonings. Top right: flour, rice, sugars. Middle right: Indian food, raisins, Maggi noodles, lentils, popcorn. Bottom right: canned veggies, sauces and vitamins.

And now the week’s results:

Stay tuned each Thursday for the stunning weight-loss success stories of our eight contestants. Who will win this year’s competition? Find out on May 31st … just in time for bikini season!

Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 3: Week 7

Our fifth week is complete! Today our contestants celebrate six weeks into the cockiest and rudest weight loss competition evahhhh! It’s Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 3!

Last week we took a look at a single meal that each of our contestants submitted. This week we’re taking a look inside each of their refrigerators. Just what are they hiding inside? We’re about to find out!

In my fridge are a wild and crazy assortment of take out food products. With Ty away for work, I have indulged my inner bachelor with all the food ordering options Brooklyn has to offer. Please note the half eaten piece of carrot cake (gross) and the assorted condiments that I save from my meals and eventually throw out.

Apparently I’ve found a time machine, and managed to reverse what little progress I’d made so far in the competition. Time to reassess and regroup for next week. As for the fridge… From the top going down, reading left to right: We store cereal, dishwasher detergent, and pain medication on top of the fridge. I didn’t open up the freezer, but had I done so, you’d see ice cube trays and assorted frozen fruit, a few kinds of frozen pasta (ravioli mostly, for my kids mostly), and coffee grounds stored in the door. On the front of the freezer: a few photos of friends and their children, various coupons and papers, and fridge magnets, including our Puntabulous Memorial Magnet. Top shelf of the fridge: On the left, mostly jars, mostly condiments. On the right, beverages, primarily half-gallon glass bottles of milk, from a local dairy, and some fruit and veg juices. Next layer: cheeses (in the drawer), eggs (and dyed hard-boiled eggs in the cardboard container) Lowest shelf: Strawberries, apple sauce, juices, and some leftovers in the white bowl with blue lid. (Chicken and veg stir fry, if memory serves me correctly). Low bins: various shredded cheeses and tortillas on the left, various vegetables on the right. Door: The obligatory collection of salad dressings, steak sauce, and other random condiments, butter in the butter bin, random adult beverages on the lowest shelf.

So this week, we’re doing our fridge photo. Mine is now filled with stuff on my diet: meat (steak, sausages, ham) and salad stuff (lettuce, carrots, celery, cheese, hard boiled eggs, etc) and plenty of condiments (ketchup, A-1 Steak sauce, several different kinds of salad dressing). The yogurt’s been there a few weeks, too many carbs for me to eat too often. Diet Coke. Oh and that bottle of wine’s been there since before Christmas…have to find just the right time to drink that.

A lot of the food here is actually my roommate’s, especially in the freezer. My single serving ice creams are just off camera in the freezer door. The other items of note are the blue containers filled with the beans that I cooked last night ready to be taken with me to work.

My fridge is usually filled with pretty healthy stuff, lots of cheese products, meats, fruits, veggies and things for lunches like juice boxes, pudding, fruit cups, etc. Also lots of random stuff like pickles, salad dressing, condiments. And usually leftovers of some kind, we always seem to have leftovers.

Mr. Sombrero
Yeah, there’s mostly veggie and dairy action goin’ on in my refridge. Some soy and hummus goodies in between. And no, that’s not dried up poop, that’s a ginger root. Also, some cat food for Mr. Mini Sombrero.

Michelle M.

This is pretty much how the fridge always looks. Missing are containers of leftovers. I cook “real meals” about twice a week. Other nights we eat leftovers. The two nights a week Harry plays hockey, I usually have soup or rice. Weekends we go out for dinner or scrounge around in the cupboards. The container in the back is ground flax seed (which I always forget to sprinkle on stuff). The beer is Harry’s, I drink the zinfandel. Other stuff you see are condiments, salad dressing, salsa (is salsa a condiment?), applesauce, fruit, veggies, salad, assorted juices and water, butter (boo!) and soda (boo!). Pretty healthy for the most part. I’m glad Adam didn’t ask for a picture of the freezer. That’s where the thin mints, tater tots and ice cream live.

I admit it: My fridge usually isn’t this empty. I usually go grocery shopping on Sunday, but since last Sunday was some random Christian holiday, my grocery store was closed. So this week I’m just going to starve! Here’s what I have… Freezer door: frozen corn, peas, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Freezer: frozen pitas and English muffins, 2 leftover frozen black bean burgers, and ice cube tray storage. Fridge door: ketchup, jelly, a few miscellaneous condiments, iced tea, seltzer water, almond “milk”, garlic, and a giant bottle of Arrogant Bastard Ale that I got for my birthday (last July). Fridge: basket containing 3 apples, water, mozzarella-style vegan cheese, leftover pizza sauce, hummus, 2 whole wheat pitas, tofu, tempeh, and a bottle of diet root beer (hiding behind the water) that I can’t drink because I stopped drinking soda. Woohoo!

And now the week’s results:

Stay tuned each Thursday for the stunning weight-loss success stories of our eight contestants. Who will win this year’s competition? Find out on May 31st … just in time for bikini season!

Let’s Snoop Around the C&R Readers’ Desks!

There’s something kinda fun and dangerous about snooping around someone’s private things.  Whether you’re peeking in a coworker’s drawers, peeking in a blogger’s windows (yes, I’m referring to Polt), or taking a peek inside someone’s medicine cabinet when you use their bathroom, you experience a certain feeling that’s kinda cool.  Your adrenalin surges a little bit as you picture yourself as a sneaky detective looking for clues.  Or maybe that’s just me.  (And now that I’ve written this, I doubt that I’ll ever be invited to any of your houses ever again.)

Last week I asked the C&R readers to submit photos of their office desk or workspace, so we could all snoop around and make fun of their desks.  (click to enlarge all photos!) Here’s what was submitted:

First up, here’s a photo of my own desk.  My desk is the epitome of [professionally undiagnosed] Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  At first glance, it would appear that I’m not busy — but I am, I just keep everything that I’m working on in a small stack under my phone.  There is a near-complete lack of personal objects (my idea/dream is that I’ll quit or be laid off at any moment, and I don’t want to carry anything out the door with me).  Objects of note: cutout of Canadian goose (a coworker stuck it there), 3 computers (a Mac flanked by two PCs), and my impressive colored paperclip collection in the left corner, which actually stretch from ceiling to floor.

You can probably guess whose desk this is by the Dilbert calender.  It’s Craig‘s!  As we learned via Twitter a few weeks ago, Craig is currently working a in a giant trailer on a construction site.  His desk is small and impersonal, and appears to have no privacy at all (no wonder he’s always bitching about the name of this blog…).  Craig’s desk features a few organized piles of papers and a large monitor that is crammed with boring spreadsheets.  Objects of note: Tissue box, cup, small mysterious bottle (to the right of the calendar), and a lack of C&R on his computer screen.

Mikey submitted two photos of his desk at the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission. The first made me wonder if Mikey works in a yellow haze all day long, but the second photo somewhat reassured me that his camera was just playing tricks.  Mikey appears to have a lot going on at work, as his desk and bulletin boards are cluttered with papers, headphones, and various personal effects.  Objects of note: A bulletin board that is leaning against the wall (no one at the IGLHRC can hang that on the wall for him?),  a small square jar of rocks, the famous photo of Mikey as Marylin Monroe, and a stack of business cards that I designed for him!

Mikey’s Dad submitted these two photos of his spacious office area.  Clearly an office where there is a lot going on, Mikey’s Dad’s desk(s) appears to be the workspace of multiple people.  This office features lots seating, nice wall/desk colors, and lots of storage (cabinets and drawers).  Objects of note: lots of bottles and buckets that house mysterious substances, a cardboard box shoved under desk, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, the view of a store (?), and a complete lack of C&R on the computer screens.

Mr. Sombrero submitted this photo.  Our repeated attempts to ascertain whether or not a tornado, hurricane or exploding bomb had created such a mess have gone unanswered.  What we can see is that Mr. Sombrero has two Macintosh computers, and one was apparently shoved aside to make room for the larger of the two.  Objects of note: a mustache hanging from his monitor, a photo of his kitty, and lots and lots and lots of papers.

Paul submitted these three photos.  The first is of his nameplate, which I assume he is very proud of.  The second is a photo of his very organized office (which rivals my OCD, to an extent).  Paul’s office is very color coordinated — almost everything is either black or white.  The few specs of color that you may notice are Post-It notes that have been stuck to the wall.  I applaud Paul’s neatness and organization!  The final photo is a photo of his computer, featuring a Dr. Who and Star Trek theme.  This appears to be the only hint of Paul’s geekiness in the entire office.  Objects of note: a glass hand next to the calculator, lots of binders, and Paul’s own personal printer (jealous!).

Polt submitted this photo of his desk.  Polt rivals Mr. Sombrero for the messiest of the submitted desks, but Polt gains points back for having (what appears to be) C&R on his computer screen (even thought it looks all screwed up in the ancient version of Internet Explorer that he’s using).  Polt’s tiny desk features piles and piles of paperwork, toys, a phone and not a whole lot else.  Objects of note: Polt’s odd choice of a steno pad mouse pad, a surprising lack of purple, Spongebob and Superman toys, and the awful mint-green door and wall that Polt probably has to look at all day long.

VUBOQ‘s desk appears to be the exact opposite of Paul’s.  Where Paul’s desk was organized and stuck to a black and white color scheme, VUBOQ’s desk is a colorful collage of rainbow colors and happiness.  VUBOQ works in what I’m guessing is organized chaos; his work scattered all over his desk, intermingling with toys.  Objects of note: a green bag of rolled papers (they remind me of graduation diplomas), a colorful and flexible orange dinosaur, a jar of rubber cement (possibly for sniffing), action figures, Pez dispensers, and a colorful assortment of Post-It notes.

And finally (and slightly out of alphabetical order) is Tam‘s desk.  The first photo is of her desk, the second is the view into her office, and the third photo is the view out of her office.  Tam sent her photos complete with every possible bit of interestingness pointed out (making my job very easy).  Objects of note: Annoying window, Canadian recycling bin, flip chart why?, a really old calendar and delicious snacks.

So what do you think of all the desks?  Which is your favorite?  Neatest?  Messiest?  Craziest? Where would you like to work?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!