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Oscar Contest Results-O-Rama!

Did you watch the Oscar awards on Sunday?  The whole show?  And you managed to stay awake?!  AMAZING!!  You deserve an award.  But too bad!  There’s only one award that we’re handing out today… the award for the 3RD ANNUAL COCKY & RUDE OSCAR CONTEST!  This year’s winner correctly predicted 20 of the 24 Academy Award categories.  AND NOW … without further ado … the winner is: MR. SOMBRERO!  Yippee!  Hurray!  Woohoo!!!  Congratulations!  It’s so nice that a lurker didn’t win the big prize this year!  Ha!  Now before you claim that I cheated and let Mr. Sombrero win the contest, let’s take a look at the results.

Oscar Contest (1)

Here’s a chart of final scores:


And now, some fun observations!  An impressive 100% of the Oscar predictors correctly chose Daniel Day-Lewis as Best Actor.


95.5% of the Oscar predictors correctly chose Anne Hathaway as Best Supporting Actress.  The only contestant that incorrectly chose Sally Field as Best Supporting Actress was none other than Polt (who tied for the least correct Oscar predictions).  Lolz what a dummy!


Each year we invite the contest participants to predict the Best and Worst Dressed Academy Award celebrity attendee.  Since these categories are subjective, they do not count towards final scores.  Here are the results for the Best Dressed category:

bestdressedAnd the results for Worst Dressed:


That wraps up the results of this year’s Oscar Contest.  Thanks to everyone who participated!  Congratulations again to Mr. Sombrero!  You’ll soon be in possession of a 8 packs of candy and a Blu-Ray copy of The Last Airbender.  Hopefully this will not impact his BC&RL results!

So what did you think of this year’s Oscar Awards?  Any surprises?  Who really was best & worst dressed of the night?  Comment quickly before the Jaws theme plays you off!


3rd Annual C&R Oscar Contest!

85thacademyThe Oscar Awards are right around the corner … and we’re excited! That’s why C&R is bringing you the 3rd Annual Cocky & Rude Oscar Contest. Simply cast your ballot and you’ll be entered to win this year’s prize: A Movie Watcher’s Prize Pack (valued at approx. $15!).  The prize pack includes a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital copy of M. Night Shyamalan’s hit film, The Last Airbender and an assortment of theater-inspired popcorn and candies! Tune in to watch the 85th Annual Academy Awards on February 24th, 2013.

This contest has closed. Any new entries will not be accepted.


Limit one entry per person and per IP address. If multiple entries are submitted, only your first will be counted. Contest entries must be submitted on or before Thursday, February 20th, 2013 at 11:59:59PM EST. No late entries will be accepted. The winner of this contest is the individual that correctly predicts the most categories. In the case of a tie, a single winner will be chosen at random by Adam. “Best Dressed” and “Worst Dressed” categories do not count towards or against your final score. Contest winners and all rankings will be announced on cockyandrude.com at 12:01AM EST on Tuesday, February 26th, 2013. If there are any conflicts, Adam has the final determining say. Prize will be mailed to the winner within one week of announcement.

This contest has closed. Any new entries will not be accepted.

In the comments, tell us your favorite movie, actor, actress or director of the year, whether or not they were nominated. Good luck & thanks for playing!

My Big Famo Family

If you’re like me, your family is a snore.  They’re normal, average people.  None of them have ever been on TV or in a movie.  They’re just … normal.  So why not imagine a new family of celebrities?  Here’s fantasy family of famous people:

Mom: Brothers & Sisters’ Sally Field
She’s fun, she’s crazy, she’s the world’s greatest mom.  Plus she’s rich and owns a giant house with a pool.  She’s liberal, loves the gays and is just plain kind in every possible way.  She’d laugh at my jokes, fund me when I decided to quit my dumb job, cook me giant vegan meals and organize parties for me and all of my bloggy friends.

Dad: Roseanne’s John Goodman
John Goodman has to be the best TV dad ever.  Every time I watch Roseanne, I’m struck by just how great he is.  He’s caring, committed, and at that size, the guy must give a great hug.  Plus, he’s helluva funny.  And if he ever finishes building the boat in his garage, we could go sailing!  (But not fishing, cuz I don’t do that.)

Sister: Six Feet Under’s Lauren Ambrose
She’s the sister I’ve always wanted.  And she’s a ginger, so we might even look related!  Plus, I’m sure she could tell me some great stories.  She’s had boyfriends that had foot fetishes, boyfriends that turned out to be gay, and boyfriends that are Jeremy Sisto and Chris Messina.  Yum!  Plus she’s done a crap load of drugs, so she could help me [safely] raise my purity number.

Brother: United States of Tara’s Keir Gilchrist
He’s smart, adorkable, and who doesn’t want a gay little brother?  I’m sure he could teach me a thing or two about style, and he’d gladly help Sally Field, I mean mom, out in the kitchen.  He’s emotional kid … and would probably benefit from a John Goodman hug as well.  I’d also love to see his interaction with our aunt:

Aunt: Gilmore Girls’ Lauren Graham
Who doesn’t love Lauren Graham?  She’s wacky, beautiful, and can bounce pop culture references off you faster than Joshrico.  Lauren would be the perfect aunt.  She’d love to stay up late with me, noshing on junk food and watching silly movies (like one of my favorites: Good Burger!).  And how cool would it be to get free nights in her inn?

Grandma: Betty White in real life
Okay this is an easy one.  Who wouldn’t pick Betty White to be their grandmother?  Think of Thanksgiving dinner with Betty White at the table.  She’d have the whole family laughing so hard that we’d barely be able to eat our Tofurkey!  She’s probably the coolest old lady on the planet, so of course she’d be my fantasy grandma!

Grandpa: The Cosby Show’s Bill Cosby
Now let’s set aside the fact that the whole ‘race’ thing wouldn’t make any sense.  Bill Cosby would be the perfect grandpa.  He’d always be there teach you life lessons, to dance with his face, make you laugh, or to keep you company when you needed someone to listen.  And hell, the guy’s been dressing like a grandpa for his whole life — those are some snazzy sweaters!

The Family Pet: Mad About You’s Murray
I surprised even myself with this pick.  True, I’ve always been more a ‘cat guy’, but Murray was always my favorite.  That dog was hilarious!  He was always a little … dim, as he chased around invisible mice.  But regardless of the species, I love animals with personality.  And since Spring isn’t famous, then Murray will do!

Oh, and if you hadn’t already guessed, we’d all be vegan — except Murray.  Yay!

Mom, Dad, three kids (including me!), a fun aunt, a set of awesome grandparents and a dog!  It’s the perfect fantasy family of famous people.  I couldn’t ask for a better bunch!  Could you?  What’s your fantasy family of famous people?  Tell me all about ’em in the comments!