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Stuff I actually dream about

In my last post I talked about the things I like to daydream about.
But what do I dream about when I’m fast asleep? Let’s find out…

Monday I dreamed that Jessica Simpson was coming out with a line of butter candies. The flavors she had were: buttered toast, buttered popcorn, hot buttered rum and baked potato with butter. She needed my help to come up with the 5th flavor. I suggested buttered waffles.

Tuesday I dreamed that I worked at the Mad Men offices. I was going through everyone’s files to find out what their salaries were. I’m sneaky that way.

Wednesday I dreamed that I was hanging out with Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman. She was really impressed that I had a gold ring with three purple stones (I do not really have a gold ring with three purple stones).

Thursday I dreamed that I was a consumer reporter analyzing pool rafts.

Friday I dreamed that I couldn’t open my high school locker. It seemed I spent all night trying to open my combination lock. I hate those kinds of dreams. (In high school my locker combination was 10-16-38).

Saturday I dreamed that I was in charge of refreshments for the Honey Boo Boo airshow (she would jump out of an airplane and fly to the ground). I couldn’t find a dozen doughnuts, cupcakes or cookies, so I had to mix and match. It was very frustrating.

On Sunday I dreamed that I went to a party thrown by Kathy Griffin. I par-tayed until the wee hours. The next day Liam Neeson was mad at me for keeping his little boy out all night long. I guess I was supposed to be babysitting him – oops.

So what does any of this mean? Who cares. At least I didn’t dream that my teeth were falling out or that I had a mouth full of gum. My favorite dreams are flying dreams – but I rarely have those. What are some of the weird dreams you have? Let me know in comments!


I Love Lucy, and Darlene, and Natalie, and Nellie, and Joan, etc., etc.

In case you didn’t know, I LOVE T.V. Here are some characters that have entertained me through the years.

Lucy, she was always coming up with those harebrained ideas and getting into trouble.
Lucille Ball was a comic genius.

Dr. Gregory House. He’s sarcastic, witty and smarter than everyone in the room.
I’m going to miss him when the season ends.

Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Who doesn’t love a bad boy? And one with an accent?

The Trio from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Warren, Andrew and Jonathan were the funniest,
nerdiest villains to terrorize Sunnydale.

Pat MacDougall (Amy’s Mom), as played by Georgia Engel on Everybody Loves Raymond.
Soft spoken Pat stole every scene she was in.

Darlene from Roseanne. Sarcastic and mouthy – but never bratty,
Darlene was my favorite of the Conner kids.

Joan Harris (née Holloway) from Mad Men. Joan is the voice of reason in the crazy world of
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. And she can rock a pen necklace like nobody’s business.

Stewie Gilligan Griffin from Family Guy. Funniest diabolical baby ever.

Bill McNeal from NewsRadio. Bill was a hilarious self-centered and pompous
doofus played by the late, great Phil Hartman.

Everyone knows I love Fat Betty (blam ba blam), so it should come as no surprise that I adore Fat Monica
from Friends. Fat Monica was so innocent, cheery and enthusiastic – and always a treat to watch.

Sue Sylvester from Glee. Though the writers have her go off the rails sometimes, I still love her.

Constance from American Horror Story. She is so very, very awful. But I loved it. Jessica Lange did a wonderful job portraying her – making her both nasty and sympathetic.

Natalie Green from Facts of Life. My favorite of the Eastland girls. Upbeat Natalie was always ready with a wisecrack. Too bad Natalie’s spinoff never came to be.

Dennis Finch from Just Shoot Me. Such a sarcastic little schemer. LOVED him.

Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle. Dewey was often lost in the shuffle. Because of this he had these weird little adventures that none of the family ever knew about. Some Dewey highlights for me were the episode with his pet fly Tony, and his dance with babysitter Bea Arthur.

Lafayette Reynolds from True Blood. Another scene stealer. He’s a gay, short-order cooking, drug dealing, road crewing, make-up wearing, butt kicking, fine black man. And I haven’t watched the last season yet, so who knows what else he’s been up to.

Nellie Olson from Little House on the Prairie. Nasty Nellie – Alison Arngrim made her so fun to watch!

Hiro Nakamura from Heroes. It was nice to see someone actually enthused about their super powers.

Veronica Mars. Whip smart, cute and funny. I miss Veronica and her sleuthing.

Wonder Woman, as played by Lynda Carter. Beautiful, strong and a great role model. WHERE IS HER MOVIE??!!

So who are your favorite television characters? Let me know in comments!

Yay! Boo!

*The idea for this post was inspired by vuboq. Thanks vuboq!

Yay! I was excited about the new Hershey’s Air Delight chocolate bar – I thought it
would be like the Choco’Lite bars of yore. Chocolatey, yet airy.

Boo! But it wasn’t. It just tasted like chocolate chalk.

Yay! And then I received my ugly purse prize in the mail and all was right
with the world (not shown – the 3 candy bars Harry and I immediately ate).

Yay! House is on tonight!

Boo! This is the last season of House.

Boo! I’m out of my favorite lipstick (Maybelline Moisture Whip* #370 – Toast) and they’ve discontinued it!

Yay! I found one that looks fairly similar (Maybelline Colorsensational #275 – Crazy for Coffee).

*Know who else uses Moisture Whip – that’s right, Wonder Woman!

Yay! I get to use more colors in my painting class

Boo! I still have to paint those ugly bottles (the yellow square is the area I’m painting).

Yay! BC&RL3 starts up this week.

Boo! I’ll have to trade in yummy potato chips for yucky rice cakes.

Yay! I will be able to fit into my jeans again.

Boo! I’ll have to trade in sitting on the couch for exercising.

Yay! I’ll feel and look better!

Boo! I’ll have to keep eating right and exercising for the rest of my days.

Yay! I have 3 more days to stuff myself with junk food!

I guess you can’t have the silver linings without the clouds.
What were the ups and downs of your week? Let me know in comments!

C&R Fight Club Round 3: Mr. Sombrero vs. Ty vs. Ryan

Welcome to Cocky & Rude Fight Club: ROUND THREE!  The rules to the game are simple.  Each week we’ll re-introduce our fighters.  We’ll give them each a chance to speak their mind.  Then we’ll put the results to vote.  You’ll pick which combatant will decimate their opponent in the knock-down, drag-out brawl of Cocky & Rude Fight Club! Let’s meet this week’s fighters…

Each week of Round Three, we’ll drop three Round Two winners into the ring and see who remains standing after a 24-hour Cocky & Rude Fight Club vote.  Today’s contestants are: Mr. Sombrero, Ty & Ryan.

In his C&R Round 1 Fight, the man from south of the border, Mr. Sombrero faced off against the redneck from north of the border, a Border Patrolman.  Mr. Sombrero proved victorious when he beat the Minuteman with a stunning 98% of the popular vote.  In round 2, the señor Sombrero faced off against C&R writer Mikey and the knitting/veterinarian/superstar, Mel.  Sombrero was again victorious, trouncing the pair with a surprising 45% of the popular vote.  How will he stand up against Ty and Ryan?  Only time will tell!

So far, I’ve destroyed uno, dos, TRES opponents in this silly battle.  What makes you silly American think that I can’t defeat DOS more?  I come from Mexico, where we murder people for fun.  I will rain down on all of you with the hot sauce fiery fury of a Taco Bell restroom!  Ty?  That silly, bald American could never win at the Mexican version of Jeopardy!  In our version, we play for tacos and kill the losers.  And the winners.  And Ryan?  My churro could beat his cupcake any day of the week.  I will destroy them both with my sombrero pulled down over my eyes! ¡Ay, caramba y yo quiero Taco Bell! -Mr. Sombrero

In his C&R Fight Club Round 1 battle, resident Jeopardy! genius Ty faced off against the the wheelchair-bound Stephen Hawking.  After a fierce competition, The theoretical physicist and cosmologist proved no match for man that tells federal judges what to do, when Ty trounced Hawking with 73% of the popular vote.  In Round 2, a very pale Ty faced off against the recently employed Mush and law student extraordinaire, Jere.  Ty proved that he wasn’t only good at fighting physically disabled people when he beat the two with 44% of the popular vote.  Will his pale skin and giant brain be enough to defeat Mr. Sombrero and Ryan?  Soon we’ll find out!

I didn’t sign up for this, I’m up against the head writer’s boyfriend, and — AND — even if I win, I have to face a  Wonder Woman at least 2.5 times as sassy as Lynda Carter.  In light of all that, I don’t really have the energy for smack talk.  Instead, here’s TV Guide’s summary for tonight’s episode of Whitney: “Whitney catches Alex eyeing [sic] a sightly woman and punishes him by refusing to talk to him.” YEAH!!!! -Ty

In his C&R Fight Club Round 1 battle, Ryan with a Cupcake faced off against his mortal enemy, The Muffin Man.  The voice of the people was strong (and muffin-hating) as Ryan managed to earn a fantastic 99% of the popular vote.  In Round 2, Ryan faced off against blogging superstar and world celebrity, the cocky, the rude, the egomaniac: Adam … and Chris D.  And Adam won! Somehow, Ryan managed to defeat the dynamic duo with 49% of the popular vote.  Adam thinks that he may have cheated.  (He didn’t.)  Will he cupcake his way to victory against Mr. Sombrero and Ty?  We’ll find out soon enough!

Judging by his trash talk in the last round, Ty is just another nice guy. I would have thought that the milkman would have taught Ty how to stand up for himself. Meanwhile, all I have to do is take Mr. Sombrero’s hat to give him a crippling crisis of identity.

Who will win in the battle of  Mr. Sombrero vs. Ty vs. Ryan?  There’s only one rational way to decide who will win this battle. We’re putting this no-holds-barred fight to a vote. The poll will be open for approximately 24 hours, and you may vote as many times as you want. That’s right — we’re not blocking repeat votes, so vote now and vote often for your favorite Cocky & Rude Fight Club opponent.

Check back on Sunday for the results!

Thanks to Mr. Sombrero, Ty & Ryan for your assistance with this post!