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Stuff I actually dream about

In my last post I talked about the things I like to daydream about.
But what do I dream about when I’m fast asleep? Let’s find out…

Monday I dreamed that Jessica Simpson was coming out with a line of butter candies. The flavors she had were: buttered toast, buttered popcorn, hot buttered rum and baked potato with butter. She needed my help to come up with the 5th flavor. I suggested buttered waffles.

Tuesday I dreamed that I worked at the Mad Men offices. I was going through everyone’s files to find out what their salaries were. I’m sneaky that way.

Wednesday I dreamed that I was hanging out with Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman. She was really impressed that I had a gold ring with three purple stones (I do not really have a gold ring with three purple stones).

Thursday I dreamed that I was a consumer reporter analyzing pool rafts.

Friday I dreamed that I couldn’t open my high school locker. It seemed I spent all night trying to open my combination lock. I hate those kinds of dreams. (In high school my locker combination was 10-16-38).

Saturday I dreamed that I was in charge of refreshments for the Honey Boo Boo airshow (she would jump out of an airplane and fly to the ground). I couldn’t find a dozen doughnuts, cupcakes or cookies, so I had to mix and match. It was very frustrating.

On Sunday I dreamed that I went to a party thrown by Kathy Griffin. I par-tayed until the wee hours. The next day Liam Neeson was mad at me for keeping his little boy out all night long. I guess I was supposed to be babysitting him – oops.

So what does any of this mean? Who cares. At least I didn’t dream that my teeth were falling out or that I had a mouth full of gum. My favorite dreams are flying dreams – but I rarely have those. What are some of the weird dreams you have? Let me know in comments!


Submit Your Desk!

We want to analyze (read: make fun of) you by taking a close look at you work desk.  Send a photo your desk, office, workspace or cubicle at work to cockyandrudedotcom@gmail.com and (assuming we get a few submissions) we’ll post your workspace analysis next week!


If you haven’t noticed, I have been struggling from a certain amount of writers block. I’m not particularly inspired by the items that I have been posting about and it shows. This revelation about my inability to set thought to the pixels on your screen would normally lead me to comically analyze the causes of this block. Sadly, that is not what you are getting. My attempts at sourcing the occlusion have lead to the same old tropes: stress, work, lack of inspiration…blah.

Thinking about my writer’s block did lead me somewhere. In a game of youtube search fun, I plugged in my affliction and was reminded about the work of Peter Bjorn & John who released an album entitled Writer’s Block not too long ago. And that my friends is what you are going to get today. The delightful and addictive “Young Folks” off of that album quickly became one of my favorites. Let’s hope the beat can rattle my brain into coming up with something more interesting and creative to post later on this week.