BC&RL 2013: Part 2

It’s the 9th week of BC&RL 2013: Part 2! This week we find Tam flat-lining in last place, with +1.5% for the 5th week in a row.  Next is Mikey with 1%, who dropped .3% of his body weight since last week. Tied in third place are Polt and Adam, both with 0%.  Dipping below the mid-line is Ryan in 2nd place with -.87%. And in first place this week is the Miraculous Michelle, with a total loss of -2.56%!




2 thoughts on “BC&RL 2013: Part 2”

  1. After last week, I made a point to take some decent length walks. I was disappointed to realize that it pretty much added up to what I would have done walking to work from my old apartment.

  2. Hurray! But it only amounts to a few pounds, so it’s not that miraculous. I could gain it all back with a bag of chips and a few cookies : (. I need to step it up to reach my goal before this thing is over.

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