BC&RL 2013: Part 2

It’s the 8th week of BC&RL 2013: Part 2 … and we’re all doing awful!  Except for Michelle M. (-2.14%).  She’s amazing!  The rest of us are either riding the center line or have gained weight.  This week we find Polt at 0, Ryan at .43%, Mikey at 1.3%, Tam at 1.5% and Adam at 1.6% in last place (he spent the week on vacation eating everything in sight).  Better luck next time, everyone!  (Except Michelle M., she’s still awesome!)






2 thoughts on “BC&RL 2013: Part 2”

  1. Yay I’ve got the purple line again! Now to be fair, I had bloodwork on Thursday and the appt on Monday, and those days in between are my ‘go crazy’ days, eating whatever I want. So that’s why I gained. But still….I’m in second place? WHA????

    This is a contest to LOSE weight, right?


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