BC&RL 2013: Part 2

biggest_cr_loser_2013I know that you’ve been checking C&R every day, wishing that we’d start posting another weight loss competition. (And poop jokes. And about how vaginas are gross.)


BC&RL 2013: Part 2 starts today! And this will be the laziest BC&RL yet! We won’t be posting photos, graphics, blurbs, or any of that crap. We’re not even giving a prize to the winner. This time, we’ll just post a progress chart every week. That’s it!

I bet you can’t wait! Charts! OMG!

BC&RL will post every Wednesday. This round of everyone’s favorite contest will draw to a close on August 28th.

And maybe I’ll post some more poop jokes and vagina hate along the way. Maybe.


2 thoughts on “BC&RL 2013: Part 2”

  1. I think I need to upgrade my scale. I bought one of those cheap spring ones, but I forgot how much error there is between the difficulty in calibrating zero and reading the dial.

    Also, is your target demographic Ezra Klein?

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