Biggest C&R Loser 2013


Welcome to the 12th week of Biggest C&R Loser 2013! THANKS BE TO THE FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER THAT THIS IS ALMOST OVER!!! Oh oops did I type that?  Anyway … This year we’ll be keeping all of the results and placings secret until the end of the contest. We’ll also be pooling our cash to award the 2013 winner the largest prize we’ve ever awarded … a whopping $40!  This week’s theme is “ Embarrassing Admission.”  Rosie O’Donnell once admitted to stopping at multiple Waffle Houses because she was embarrassed to order so much food from a single fast-food restaurant.  This week the contestants will tell us something embarrassing that they used to do BEFORE their diet began.  Here’s what they had to say.

Michelle M.


Hmmm. Something embarrassing I used to do BEFORE* my diet began**? Probably eating a whole bag of potato chips. I’ve been known (on numerous occasions) to bring a bag of chips to the couch for snacking purposes, and before I know it the entire bag is gone! It’s like magic.

* I have done this AFTER my “diet” began
** I haven’t even started my diet. That’s the embarrassing thing.



When I had a roommate many many moons ago, I used to wake up in the middle of the night with a near starvation hunger for no good reason. I would sneak into the kitchen and eat her chocolate chips. It was terrible….I would wake up in the morning with chocolate on my face and an empty Nestle bag on my pillow.

Mr. Sombrero

Picture 49

Up until very recently I would add Reese’s PB candy bar to my breakfast – be it cereal or yogurt, flavored or not, it always ended up being chocolaty and peanut buttery and so heavenly delicious. I have promised (to me and someone else) not to indulge in Reese’s anymore so that embarrassing tradition is no longer taking place.


disposbale chopsticks2

I have, on multiple occasions, asked for a second pair of chopsticks when ordering a lot of Chinese food that I know I’m going to eat all on my lonesome to look less pathetic.



Today, we need to share an Embarrassing Admission. When I ordered a pizza, I would always say, “WE want…” and when I got the pizza and paid for it, I’d say “WE thank you.” As if to convince whoever the makers/deliverers were that I certainly was NOT ordering and entire pizza just for me alone! And then, upon getting to the table to eat it….I promptly ate it all. All by myself.



Well, I have been known to buy a pie, and call it dinner. Maybe not all at once, but perhaps 1/3 for dinner, 1/3 for snack and then 1/3 for breakfast. Is that bad if it’s a fruit pie? Or I have also just bought a giant piece of cake and ate that for dinner. Blerg. I want pie.



Embarrassing admission: I completely forgot to do this until after the deadline, like at 7:30pm Wednesday. Totally slipped my mind. And on a larger scale (so to speak), I must confess that I’ve been not terribly focused on weight loss, even though I’ve entered a contest… and had talks with my doctor about how critical it is etc…. Sigh.



Are you kidding? I never do anything that is embarrassing!! Except for everything that everyone has already said. I’ve done just about all of that stuff … Oh, and just about every time I go to the grocery store, I buy a little something extra as a “snack” for the way home. Then I stuff my face the whole way home. It’s usually cookies, candy, chips, mmmm now I’m hungry!

PS – I never wear suits … that’s the best photo I could find.


2 thoughts on “Biggest C&R Loser 2013”

  1. OK, here’s a confession more in line with the contest instructions: I’m all over the whole “buy an extra treat to snarf down in the car on the way home” thing, and it often would be an entire bag of chips. Doritos are like crack. (Or at least that’s what I’ve heard about D̶o̶r̶i̶t̶o̶s̶ crack.)

  2. Mikey – I’ve eaten chocolate chips when I have no chocolate in the house (and croutons have been a substitute for potato chips).
    Tam – I’ve done the same thing. A cherry pie doesn’t last long in this house.

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