The Great 2012 Bloggy Regift Exchange!

After months of planning, shopping, mailing, and waiting … the gifts have been opened and now it’s time to reveal your glorious loot! This year’s participants were: AdamChris D.CraigDavid P.DrParaEnricoFDotJere, John, JoshJustin, Kristen, MarcusMelMichelle M.Mikey, Mr. Sombrero, MushNathanPoltTalitaTamTwoPi, Ty, VUBOQ, & Xi-HeatherHere’s Part 2 of the Great 2012 Bloggy Gift Exchange. This time, it’s all about the Regifts!

To: Xi-Heather / From: Chris D.

My regift from Chris wasn’t obviously a regift, falling squarely in the “shiny!” category of objects. It’s a color changing glowy thing with etched cubes: this one had a balloon. I’d initially thought it could become a Christmas decoration on account of the lights and color, but I’ve been informed by the kiddos that it needs to stay out year round. Apparently I’m not the only magpie in the house. Thank you!

To: VUBOQ / From: Josh

Words are inadequate to express how I feel.

To: Ty / From: Talita

Talita regifted three souvenir shot glasses. One was damaged in transit, but the other two were ready for use. I tried to fill them with the candy and Luna bar she included, but it just didn’t feel right. If only I had had something more appropriate…

To: TwoPi / From: DrPara

From DrPara, I received the “I Can’t Sleep” book, which is “a journal for passing the time when insomnia strikes”. Each left-hand page has a sleep-related quote from a famous person (Samuel Butler’s quote in the photo is pretty apt), while the right-hand page is lined, available for journaling. I like many of the quotes – they seem likely to prompt interesting journaling. And no doubt this book will be more effective than what I currently use in the middle of a sleepless night: kakuru. He also sent two cds, one a collection of The Cure (with a couple tracks by Air Liquide and Bjork), and the other The Orb’s “Orbus Terrarum”, which I’ve had in my laptop for a couple days straight now. (As a bonus, this gift led me to discover “Picard” by MusicBrainz, a fab bit of software to help identify individual music files and reveal their associated artist and album info.) Thank you!!!

To: Tam / From: Nathan

I got my regift from Nathan, these uber-groovy modern mix-tape kits. Each cassette tape has a space where you put in the memory stick. Now my next big decision is who will be the victim, um, I mean lucky recipient of my mix-tape love. Hmmmm.

To: Talita / From: Michelle M.

I received my re-gift items from Michelle M. She sent me a pretty pink clock and matching frame, that I plan on using. She also sent me delicious peppermint bark, that did not last by the time this photo was taken. The best part of my package was the dog toy she sent, Preston loved it as you can see!! Thanks Michelle M. you’re the best again!!! 🙂

To: Polt / From: FDot

FDot had my name in the regift, and he sent me this book. I’m kinda surprised that someone had gotten him a Superman kids books but even MORE surprised that he’d not want to keep it for himself forever! Shocked even. But it’s a fun book that will fit in well with my Superman collection: You can feel Superman’s cape, see how his x-ray vision works, pet Krypto’s fur, etc. And seriously, is there a better gift for me than being able to “Touch And Feel” Superman???? Thanks, FDOT!

To: Nathan / From: David P.

My gift from David was a snowman shaped mug with one serving of cocoa and several suspicious looking chocolate chip cookies. Apparently, people know that I like to drink. Thusly, I put some Bailey’s in my cocoa and it was actually quite good. Thanks, David.

To: Mush / From: Mel

My regifter was the lovely and clever Dr Mel who sent me two balls of awesome yarn AND low-sugar chocolate bars.

To: Mr. Sombrero / From: John

For the regift exchange, John sent me a whole bunch of goodies. My favorite is the ‘Hub Man’ which is a USB splitter that looks like a happy little guy. He also sent some delicious Cranberry Bog Frogs candy, a Dilbert calendar and some ‘Hope’ word magnets. I don’t know if any of these awesome items were actually regifted (they seem too good to be regifts) but I don’t really care … Thanks John!

To: Mikey / From: Marcus

Marcus sent me these three printouts of neon colors.

To: Michelle M. / From: Enrico

My regift was from Enrico – it featured everything I love. He sent me the “Made in America: Our Best Chefs Reinvent Comfort Food” cookbook. It has lots of recipes I’m eager to try. He also sent me the BEST MIX CD EVER!!! In a little mug (which I shall use for my hot chocolate) were a bunch of chocolate truffles (which will all be gone by the time you read this). Last, but not least, was a little travel clock, which I hope to use soon. Maybe on a trip to visit Enrico to thank him in person… Thank you Enrico!!

To: Mel / From: Justin

Although I admittedly opened this with some trepidation, I was pleasantly surprised to get something so useful. Oven mitts and potholders are always handy. Thanks, Justin!

To: Marcus / From: Mikey

For the regift I received a marshmallow shooter and some marshmallows from Mikey.

To: Kristen / From: Mr. Sombrero

I was surprised to learn this was a regift since it was so nice. This cute little notebook is just the size to fit in my pencil case at school so I can definitely make some good use of this. Thank-you so much Mr. Sombrero! 😀 😀

To: Justin / From: TwoPi

For the regifting portion of this year’s Bloggy Gift Exchange, my gift-giver was TwoPi, who gave me an item that only the Japanese could think of: an Eco Otome Toilet Noise Blocker (as explained at the website ). I’m not entirely sure what makes this item “Eco”, and even less what makes the “white color motif” a “save the earth” design per se. I did get a good chuckle out of it. I’ll let Mark’s words speak for themselves: “I had read several years ago about the ‘sound princess’” – he had? What’s a sound princess? “… and was intruiged … so when an opportunity arose to get an Eco Otome import, I naturally” – naturally? – “ did so. It’s not quite what I expected” – what in heaven’s name DID he expect? – “but it does have some humor value. (Perhaps some practical value as well…)” I can’t attest to the practical value, but I can definitely confirm for TwoPi that it has significant humor value – as did the card 🙂 Thanks, Mark, for a very amusing gift!

To: Josh / From: Kristen

Kristen regifted me plastic bugs! Which is actually an incredible gift considering that JT & I’s apartment is chock full of animal statues/figurines. Our collection, which currently features 3 pigs, 1 seal, 1 octopus, two snails, 1 walrus, 1 turkey, 3 elephants, 3 dogs, 1 frog, 2 cats, 2 whales, 1 fish, 1 monkey, & 1 cow, now has a (semi) brand new ant, grasshopper, lady bug, & 2 stick bugs. THANKS KRISTEN!

To: John / From: Jere

Jere gave me the best re-gift of all. (That’s right bitches, get in line, I got the best re-gift.) Jere knit me a scarf! He said it fits the re-gift criteria as he received the skein of yarn as a gift and decided to make it into something useful. I love it! It goes perfectly with my black jacket. Thank you Jere, I really appreciate you taking the time to make such a great gift!

To: Jere / From: Xi-Heather

From the lovely Xi-Heather, I was regifted an 8-piece set of coffee mugs. I promptly continued the regifting cycle by making candy and hot cocoa gift packs for all the people who surprised me with unexpected gifts this year (so I wouldn’t feel guilty I didn’t get them anything). I did have one mug left over, which I am currently using to finish off the leftover hot chocolate packets with the help of some Peppermint Schnapps.

To: FDot / From: VUBOQ

My regifting bloggy person was VUBOQ! I received 3 items from him. First, I unwrapped a small box labeled “I Ching”. I wondered why VUBOQ would send me a box of racist jokes. Upon further reflection, I remembered that the I Ching is actually a divination system, sort of like ancient tarot cards. I used to be able to read tarot cards, so this should be fun to use.

Second, was a pair of Healthy Chinese Balls which Mr. Fuzzywitz has already appropriated for his nefarious uses. If I can get them away from him, they will make for some nice relaxation therapy.

Thirdly, the above two items were in the package surrounded by obviously sensitive, yet shredded documents. I will be painstakingly recreating the scenes in Argo where a group of small, underpaid children piece documents just like these together. Whatever secrets I discover, I will share with you all.

To: Enrico / From: Adam

For the regift exchange, Adam got me a Sin City graphic novel, the movie Rent, and this wonderful little statue, which I have placed on my bookshelf.

To: DrPara / From: Mush

As you can see, the box opening inspired a real “what the fuck is this?” moment and I’m still kind of confused by the wooden grasshopper that is now sitting on my computer. The sauces bring forth everything in life that makes me uncomfortable, creamy white stuff and I would have slapped the person who gave me the Suduko game. All and all hilarious and thanks the other Michelle M, I never knew there was two … learn something everyday.

To: David P. / From: Craig

I received two books from Craig. One is a collection of posts from the Overheard in the Office website. The other is a humorous book about hating your job. I’m sure I will enjoy both of them.

To: Craig / From: Polt

For his regift, Polt gave me this um special wire sculpture of a beehive. It’s really quite um something. I can’t imagine why he would ever want to part with something so um different. Thanks Polt!

To: Chris D. / From: Ty

Ty sent me a “Pin the Macho on the Man” game. It was a leftover from his bachelor party. I think I’ll save it for a special occasion. Thanks Ty!

To: Adam / From: Tam

Tam sent me a beautifully hand-painted unicorn figurine! I promptly took the figurine to a local art dealer, who appraised it at somewhere around a $100,000 (a bit over the exchange budget). The artist is a reclusive and little-known Canadian artist named “Kristen” (just one name, much like Cher or Madonna). The dealer dated the piece back to approximately 2005. Thanks Tam!!!

Thanks Everyone!


20 thoughts on “The Great 2012 Bloggy Regift Exchange!”

  1. Wow – look at all those awesome, fun, special and freaky gifts!

    I forgot to mention that my BEST MIX CD EVER !!! featured the following songs:
    1. “Hey Stephen” by joshrico
    2. “Hackensack” by joshrico
    3. “The Harold Song” by joshrico
    4. “Tennessee” by joshrico
    5. “Terrified” by joshrico

  2. Wow, no wonder some of us were confused as to whether they were regifts or the real gift. Some great stuff there and I think Craig’s blurb might have been pure genius.

    1. People did get some great regifts….I myself struggled to find anything to regift…I have a tendency to toss stuff that I don’t want to keep around…

                  1. Smudge should become one of those regift items that gets passed from person to person for years to come. Kind of like a Flat Stanley.

    2. Yeah, Craig’s blurb is pretty much what u thought when I got for Christmas like ten years ago from a co-worker. Never knew why I held into it, now I’m glad I did! 🙂


    1. Perhaps it too was left over from the bachelor party. Never having attended one, I’m not sure what kind of nefarious activities men soon to be shackled get up to.

  3. Drazen: They were all regifts. I never use a calendar like that, yet my old boss gives me one every year. She also gave me the USB hubman.

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