The Great 2012 Bloggy Gift Exchange!

After months of planning, shopping, mailing, and waiting … the gifts have been opened and now it’s time to reveal your glorious loot! This year’s participants were: Adam, Chris D., Craig, David P., DrPara, Enrico, FDot, Jere, John, Josh, Justin, Kristen, Marcus, Mel, Michelle M., Mikey, Mr. Sombrero, Mush, Nathan, Polt, Talita, Tam, TwoPi, Ty, VUBOQ, & Xi-HeatherHere’s Part 1 of the Great 2012 Bloggy Gift Exchange. Part 2 (the Regift Exchange) will post on Monday.

To: Adam / From: Ty

Ty sent me a great assortment of gifts entitled, “Adam’s Night at the Movies!” First I found a sparkly pair of glasses with the label, “You don’t need a 3D movie to wear cheap glasses!” Next, 2 packs of fancy microwave popcorn and 2 penis candy pops labeled, “What’s movie night without snacks?” And finally, within a gift labeled “And now… our feature presentation!” I found a DVD of the hit documentary, ‘Diagnostic & Statistical Manual: Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam’ … what?!  So weird! So I opened the case and found a Fandango gift card labeled, “What do you mean, you don’t like documentaries?! Fine!”  THANKS TY!!!  You’re the best!

To: Chris D / From: Polt

Polt sent me three lovely historic postcards featuring his home town.  The oldest is postmarked from 1907!  I just love historic postcards!  They are snapshots of a bygone era.  It it fascinating to think about the the all the people who came into contact with the postcards so many years go. These kinds of artifacts are very special to me.  Thanks Polt!

To: Craig / From: FDot

For the gift exchange FDot gave me these awesome t-shirts from Star Wars and Army of Darkness. I actually had to look up where the S-Mart one was from though. After I did I felt like a dummy cause I loved that movie! Some references are even too good for me! Thanks FDot!

To: David P. / From: Chris D.

I received two books from Chris D.  One is a coffee table book on Brooklyn.  The other is a Jewish approach to yoga.  I’m sure I’ll find them both very interesting.

To: DrPara / From: Justin

My main gift was from Justin, the contents included a bottle of Captain filled with gummy bears, an extra bag of gummy bears and a card. Since the pictures I took with said gift were before I had gotten a haircut and shaved, I decided looking like shit was not something I wanted to do so included below are a picture of the bottle with the gummy bears in it and the second picture has a little background story to it. When the gummy bears were left unrefrigerated, it allowed them to caramelize along with the rum, essentially turning it into jello when fridge-rated. So, I poured them into a bowl, making them into a kind of rum jello mold (which btw, I’ll be using as my new alcoholic treat for parties for a bit.) Myself and a handful of people ate the pure alcohol jello at a party I threw the weekend before Christmas and the second pic is me holding up a piece of the jello I’m about to consume. I have to offer a huge thanks to Justin, who being my gay mentor, knew me so well to send me two of my favorite things <3!

To: Enrico / From: Kristen

For the gift exchange, Kristen got me the flannel shirt I am wearing in this photograph and two boxes of candy (that were, of course, already empty at the time when I took the photo). I love my gifts — especially because I wore the shirt to work the day after I got it and the receptionist told me I looked most charming in it!

To: FDot / From: Mel

My original bloggy exchange gifter is Mel!  I received a package from him that contained (as he said in his card) the “flavors and scents of Maine”.  “Hmmm,” I thought, “sweaty flannel and lobster?” “Caribou and fir trees?”  No!  Contained within was 2 jars of jelly (jam?) and soap!  A jar of blueberry jam (jelly?) featuring those famous Maine blueberries that I didn’t know existed.  A jar of Apple Jalapeno jamelly that sounds a tad frightening to taste, featuring those famous Maine jalapeno peppers.  The soap is shaped into a 5 year old Balsam Fir Tree and a slightly agitated Alpaca.  I haven’t decided which jellam would go best with which piece of soap yet, but trial and error should solve that problem.

To: Xi-Heather / From: Talita

My gift was a fabulous superfecta (yup – I looked that up) of items from Talita: purply yarn, fancy party wear, cat toys, and chocolate.  The chocolate couldn’t be shown because of technical difficulties, but the rest promise ongoing hours of enjoyment!  Thank you!

To: Jere / From: Nathan

Even as I was packing away the holiday decorations, a present arrived from some jolly dude up north. That’s right, just in time for Canadian Christmas, Nathan sent me comic book geek themed package. I guess this is the year I get kitchenware, because he got me an Avengers glass that is perfect for mixing my favorite mixed drink – rum and Diet Coke. I also got a flash drive that looks like The Joker. And because he ordered off ThinkGeek, I also got a pair of promotional stickers to add to my collection of Apple stickers and other items I will use to vandalize my next office space. Thanks, Nathan!

To: John / From: David P.

My gifter this year was David P.  David sent me an iTunes gift certificate, which will come in very handy given my music addiction (though that may make David an enabler..).  David also very generously made a donation to the American Parkinson Disease Association.  This part of David’s gift is very special. In this time when money is tight for everyone and people have to make difficult choices about if and where to make donations, it is so meaningful that his donation was made to an organization to which I have personal ties.   Thank you David!

To: Josh / From: Jere

From Jere I got a Taylor Swift (!!!) notebook and an iTunes giftcard!! Taylor looks especially mopey & reflective on the notebook cover walking through a swamp. I am using notebook to write depresso espresso poetry while listening to Anne Hathaway’s version of “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Mis, which I bought with noted gift card.

As these photos show, both my dog Bentley & cat BabyGirl aren’t too interested in my writings, but that’s cool cuz they’re still hot, hot, hot and can do what they wanna do. THANKS JERE!

To: Justin / From: Adam

My bloggy gift giver this year was Adam, who was SO SWEET!!! First of all, he took it on himself very kindly to give me not only my 2012 gift, but he made up for the fact that I had never received a 2011 gift as well! There were four gifts in all – I’m not sure which gifts were for which year, so I’ll just lift them all. First of all, there was a charitable contribution made in my name to the HRC. Then there were two chocolate gifts (after all, I *do* love my food!), a robot bookmark (because robots are cool!), and superlativeliest of all, a genuine collectible bobble-head of K-9, the mechanical dog of the 4th Doctor!!! All in all, extremely thoughtful and great gifts!  Thank you, Adam!!! 😀

To: Kristen / From: Enrico

Though it arrived a little late I couldn’t be more thrilled. This bag was definitely comprised of all my favorite things, nail polish, chocolate and a star bucks gift card. All of it will be put to good use, in fact I’ve already jumped right it to using some of the nail polish. It was a great gift. THANKS SO MUCH ENRICO 😀

To: Marcus / From: DrPara

For my gift I received a book “Of human bondage,” a movie “the opposite of sex” three mix cd’s “the cure, calvin harris, & m83” and some Haribo gummy bears from DrPara.

To: Mel / From: Mush

zOMG! Bentos! Baby Bels! Hannukah Gelt! I ❤ Mush!

To: Michelle M. / From: John

My gift was from everyone’s favorite bunny, john. It was only the best present ever – a paper sculpture of Wonder Woman!! I am still freaking out over it. You would too. It is simply spectacular, and after I have it framed it will go on my office wall above my computer so I can look at it ALL THE TIME. The detail is incredible – I can only imagine the hours it took to create this work of art. I can’t really do it justice with words, so here is a close up picture so you can see just how amazing and talented john is. Thank you john!!

To: Mikey / From: Mr. Sombrero

Mr. Sombrero gave me an amazing Dr Who t-shirt with some Reese’s Pieces.  To celebrate I put the shirt on and passed out eating the candy.  I stand by my decision.

To: Mr. Sombrero / From: Craig

For the gift exchange, Craig gave me a me a ‘Thing 1’ t-shirt, a heartfelt (super creepy) plaque, an alien Christmas ornament and some candy*.  He also sent Adam a ‘Thing 2’ t-shirt (so we can cause trouble together, Dr. Seuss-style).  Adam has already stolen the plaque and claims that he will burn it.  *The candy did not survive long enough to be photographed.

To: Mush / From: TwoPi

My secret Santa TwoPi did an amazing job and sent me Knits For Nerds, a book of knitting patterns with a sci-fi/fantasy spin. There was also a nifty handmade candle holder.

To: Nathan / From: Josh

My gift from Josh was a means of consuming warm beverages whilst I inhabit the dread reaches of the far north. This drinking vessel had a wonderful hand knitted sleeve with a rendition of Black Mage on it! It was also full of delicious starburst candy. I have yet to fill this beverage container with alcohol. Thanks, Josh!

To: Polt / From: Xi-Heather

Xi-Heather had my name and in her card she sent along with the gift, she said as soon as she got my name, she broke out the yarn and knitted me this gift!  Not only is it handmade, which is totally awesome, but (even though you can’t see it in the photo) it’s purple!  And that makes it totally awesomer!  Thanks, Xi-Heather!  I’ll put it to good use this winter!

To: Talita / From: VUBOQ

I got an awesome gift from my exchange partner. He made me a really nice bowl. He also sent me some Lush items that smelled so good! Thanks so much I really enjoyed my gift. 🙂

To:Tam / From: Mikey

I got what I asked for from Mikey. I asked that a donation be made to the Ali Forney Center in New York ( It offers housing services to LGBT youth and was completely hammered by the floods, so anyone can make a contribution to help them get going full-speed again. I also got an amazing furry polar bear card. I’m going to take him to my office so I can pet him when I’m stressed, and not two days before I opened the gift, we were watching a TV show which profiled a company making coiled candy cane Christmas trees, and … voila. There it was. So cool. So thanks Mikey for a terrific gift.

To: TwoPi / From: Marcus

Marcus sent several fantastic things!  The largest is an anatomy book, fully 2 feet tall, which folds out to reveal 24 charts of various bodily systems (in the photo I’ve been studying the lumbar spine, where most of my arthritic problems seem to originate).  In the foreground is “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, an album of Elvis singing gospel numbers.  A welcome addition to our Christmas music collection!  And finally there was a package of cat toys, but within five minutes of opening the package the cats had taken them hither and yon…. Apparently BatCat and CrazyCat approve.  I do too!  Thank you!!!

To: Ty / From: Tam

Tam sent me a lovely Christmas wine stopper and two bottles of some strange concoction called Icewine & Brandy, which Internet research has revealed to be “Kittling Ridge’s signature product, as it combines both the winemaker’s art & the still master’s craft.”  Must be some Canadian thing.  Sadly, I didn’t have anything to serve it in.  But then I remembered the shot glasses [see Monday’s Regift post!]!  A Christmas miracle worthy of O. Henry!

To: VUBOQ / From: Michelle M.

The first photo shows all the fantastic presents I received from Michelle M.:  A Xmas CD that is fast becoming one of my favorites, Peppermint Bark (I’m not even sure what that is, but I managed to eat all of it at work on Boxing Day), a Sparkly Martini Ornament for my Xmas Tree, a fun little cat toy, and a vegetarian cookbook. The second photo is of Isabella and me enjoying our gifts.  She was totally into the cat toy.  She stalked it.  She batted it about.  She bit at the feathery part.  Several days later, she was all like “meh.  Is that the best you can do silly cat toy?”  As for the cookbook, it has some delicious-looking recipes in it.  One of the Alphabet Boys was over the other night and he was all “we should pick the most complicated recipe in it and make it one night.”  And I was all, “um.  ok.  If you do all the work.  Naked.”  Can’t wait to try it out!

Thanks Everyone!


24 thoughts on “The Great 2012 Bloggy Gift Exchange!”

  1. Ooooh. Some great gifts this year, but I’m not surprised. The documentary thing was hilarious. Thing 1 and Thing 2 t-shirts, also brilliant. Great job everyone and special thanks to Adam for taking this on which I’m sure is a bit like trying to herd cats. May 2013 bring many equally amazing things your way.

      1. Quite true – Lisa *really* didn’t want me to send my rum + gummi bears gift — she looked up the rules on the USPS website. No harm appears to have been done, however, and Jason loved his gift, so — oh wait there appear to be some jack-booted thugs busting my door down. I guess the feds are here to arres

        1. As a surprise to absolutely no one, I’ve had alcohol sent to me as a gift before many times. I mean I could go on but we’re all already thinking “what a drunk,” just throw in “whore” for good measure and yeah. As I said before, Justin’s accidental (or perhaps intended) treat will be my new alcoholic thing to serve all year, next to the vodka gummies.

    1. Ice wine is very Canadian. I would have sent you some but it’s about $50 for a half bottle. You leave the grapes on the vine until they are frozen solid, then pick them quick-quick and press them immediately so the juice is not diluted by the water content of the grapes. It’s very sweet. If dry wine is a 0 or 1, ice wine is a 10 on the 1-10 scale.

      I had no idea shipping booze was illegal. I’ve done out many times. Whatever. Call me a rebel.

  2. Holy Crap! I didn’t realize there were so many of us doing this?!? It must have been a nightmare to organize…. Knits for Nerds almost makes me wish I could knit.

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