A Holiday Glee-cap

I’m fairly certain that Michelle M., Craig and myself are the only ones that still watch Glee.  So instead of accepting that you’ve given up on the series, I’ve decided to cram the crap-fest down your unwelcoming throats!  Behold, the highlights of last week’s Holiday episode:



11 thoughts on “A Holiday Glee-cap”

  1. Hmmm well I see I made a good decision in giving up the show a few seasons ago.

    Although I AM curious about the one hottie I’m unfamiliar with, underarm hair guy.


  2. I’m tired of the old cast. Off with their heads! Except for Sue. She can stay. I loved her expression when the stage snow started falling (as she predicted it would).

    They need to make dreads a stoner and give him all of Brittany’s lines.

    The anorexia storyline is awful. Unless they’re really going to go with it and not make it a 3 episode thing.

    I can’t believe they gave Kurt’s father prostate cancer! BOO!

    1. I’m curious how they handle it. Prostate cancer takes a long time to kill you. Burt’s life expectancy is much longer than that of the show.

  3. I’m caught up with the episodes on Hulu, so I haven’t seen this episode yet.

    I’m enjoying the new cast except for Kitty, who is too transparently evil to be interesting or likable. She needs a pair of back up mean girls. That allows the same amount of evil to be spread around, and they can make their actions seem reasonable to themselves.

    I’m a bit annoyed that Rachel won the Showcase. She’s good, but is she win top spot as a freshman good? The problem with her arcs is that she swings wildly from the greatest success to the lowest failure based whether the writers want happy Rachel or sad Rachel. I’d like a more natural progression. I’d also like for her to be less defined by her current relationship with a man.

    I’m glad Kurt got into NYADA. He deserves it. I found his neglecting Blaine believable. I hope they spend time to have Kurt and Blaine work through their reconciliation rather than just do an I can’t live without you so let’s ignore the problems that caused us to fight.

    I’d like to see Blaine get developed beyond Kurt’s boyfriend who uses gel.

    I’m over Tina and Artie. I have nothing against Tina, but after three and a half years, the writers haven’t given me enough to care about, so I’d like to free up her time for characters they are interested in. Artie’s similarly undeveloped, but in addition, I hate that his primary characteristic is that he is an obnoxious director.

    Joe annoys me. His entire characterization seems to be that every sentence he says has to have the word pray in it, but this is original because he has piercings and dreads. Either give him some depth or get rid of him.

    I’m glad they are replacing Will with Finn. This allows the club to grow again rather than succeed despite Will’s incompetence. I especially hate Will for his assumption that Emma would just drop everything and follow him.

  4. The prostate cancer made me so freaking angry. They will never recapture the awesomeness of the first Christmas episode with Sue the grinch. These past two have been awful.

  5. Still watching Glee … that’s like saying, I still watch American Horror Story or any other assorted shitfest Ryan murphy created and destroyed after one season, thank god I dropped this show this season, I’d hate myself so much right now if I sat through this episode.

  6. I think the latest season is sooooooo much better than last season!!! So glad they got the new kids on there. But now they need to bring back Lindsay from The Glee Project, who only got two episodes last season!

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