Mikey & Ty Are Married!!!!!!!!

On Saturday, we celebrated the marriage of two of our close friends: Mikey and Ty!
Congratulations to the happy couple, as you begin your life together.  We love you!

Lots more photos from Mikey & Ty’s wedding can be found here:


19 thoughts on “Mikey & Ty Are Married!!!!!!!!”

  1. The convenient thing about Craig is that he doesn’t have to worry about whether the person between him and the camera is blocking him.

  2. Such a fun time and I think we all look pretty smokin’. 🙂 We didn’t get a pic with Ty since my camera died and I couldn’t find Adam, but next time.

    1. I agree with both you and Tam. You all look great. In other news, I think it’s hilarious that Ryan’s first impulse was to make the “Craig’s as tall as a circus freak” implication and only second impulse to congratulate 🙂 But that’s the Puntabupeep way 🙂

  3. Hurray for the happy couple! Roscoe is so cute. And Adam is cracking me up with the face he made in the group photo. I see a few “What were they thinking?” opportunities.
    What flavor was the cake?
    What song played for Mikey and Ty’s first dance?
    Did Mikey cry during the ceremony?
    Did Craig try to steal away Mr. S.?
    Did Tam get really drunk and dance on the table?

    Wish I had been there!

      1. Roscoe nearly spilled red wine on Ty’s 90-year-old Grandma’s white lace top during cocktails. Ooops. Grandma was up grooving on the dance floor too. She was adorable.

        We were sitting right next to the cake and Roscoe jumped up and put his feet on the table. We all kind of screeched as we had visions of the cake biting the dust before the big moment of the cutting, but whoever had a grip on him dragged him down in time. 🙂 He was adorable though, if a tad mischievous at times.

    1. Vanilla on vanilla
      Umm. I don’t remember but Ty (and all the guests) sang to Bohemian Rhapsody for the last song of the night.
      Apparently yes
      He did try but he had no luck. Mr. S is a wild dancer, that chick Colleen had her eye on him as well, dirty dancing anyone?
      No. I didn’t drink that much and was a bad mom who let her kid drink cocktails. Oops. Good thing the cops didn’t bust us, although the room was full of lawyers.

      We wished you were there too. 😦

  4. ZOMG!! SO JEALOUS!!!! Is it bad that I got a little full in the eyes looking at the pics of the ceremony? You all are so photogenic! Hateses you all

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