Craig’s collection of n00dz… EXXXPOSED!

Over the years, many of us have shared n00d photos of ourselves with Craig.  He’s just obsessed with seeing our junk!  Today he has decided to share a sampling of his collection with the world.  Enjoy!


16 thoughts on “Craig’s collection of n00dz… EXXXPOSED!”

  1. You guys are so perverted. There I am being all sweet and innocent and then BAM I get a nood on my phone. Or Michelle sends me a well hung argyle sock.

    I think the Ty one is my favorite. Noodz are hilarious when small children are involved.

  2. Yay! You’re back!

    That Ty photo is creepy. But otherwise I think this theme has the potential to be the next big meme. Quick — someone register

  3. I’m shocked that this is such a big deal, nudity is so common place at my den of sin … we just refer to it as weekdays or weekends … every hour on the hour, etc.

  4. Is it wrong that I am super jealous of Craig’s R2D2?

    Yay for Craig’s collection of n00dz!

    I had my own bit of unintended overexposure in NYC last night. My friend was performing and I went up on stage to rip open his shirt. As I leaned forward the crotch of my jeans ripped wide open! It wasn’t a a big deal at that particular venue because I was already shirtless, and there were strippers all over. However, when we went to dinner and on the way home I had to try to hide the gigantic crotch hole in my jeans with a cowboy hat! It was a fun night, but getting home was a bit awkward. 😉

  5. Was it REALLY necessary to blur Polt’s Ass? I mean, is there ANYONE on here who already seen the unadulterated version? 🙂


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