TOUR is a Four Letter Word

On Friday of last week, Mr. Sombrero and I went to a Jason Mraz concert at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. I JASON MRAZ!!!* The opening act was none other than Christina Perri (who is know for her song, Jar of Hearts). Here are my photos and a few quick video clips:

*Even though his awful hair and horrible goatee make him look ugly.


7 thoughts on “TOUR is a Four Letter Word”

  1. Soooooo, Cocky&Rude has now turned into nothing but a photo blog of celebrity appearances? *SIGH* Oh how I long for the days of The C&R Match Game, Rainbow Poo, Fat Betty, or hell, even a shot of Polt’s Ass. Ah well, as they say, you cannot go home again.


    PS, looks like you had good seats. I’ll have to wait until I get home to listen to the clips!

  2. I have no interest in Jason Mraz or Kathy Griffin so I really have nothing to add to the last two posts, which I guess is good because I need to be working on penis names for the radio show this week.

  3. And OMG I love Christina Perri! I’m obsessed with her song 1000 Years which I play over and over and over again and cry and cry and cry teardrops on my guitar. Did she do that one? She had to have done it! I also really like Jar of Hearts, especially Rachel Berry’s version!

  4. I picked up his latest album when Amazon had it for $0.99, and I really like it, especially The Freedom Song.

    Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts confuses me because I kept running into covers rather than encountering the original.

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