Adam & Mr. Sombrero Heart Kathy Griffin

On Saturday, Mr. Sombrero and I took a drive to Bethlehem, PA to visit with Michelle M.’s BFF, Kathy Griffin! Here are some of the photos I snapped during the show.


32 thoughts on “Adam & Mr. Sombrero Heart Kathy Griffin”

  1. I love Mr Sombrero too.Maybe he’d go straight for me. (Probably better chance of that than hooking up with Craig. :-P)

    Hope the show made you laugh

  2. No comments on Kathy, yet one pic of Mr. S and the forum erupts in violence.
    It’s a saaaad day for America. [shakes head]

    Ok, from now on, no more pics of Mr. S. That’s the only solution.

  3. I have a feeling that underneath all those sexy comments about Mr. S’s stubble, Craiggers has a secret agenda to get into Adams’ pants.

            1. Ahhhh, so despite dating Adam and being fawned over by Craiggers, the truth comes out: Mr. Sombrero wants a little Polt’s ass action!

              But then who doesn’t? 😀


              1. “A little Tam Tam action”…BWAHAHAHAHA, Oh my God, that’s awesome! I coughed on my coffee when I read that. LOVE it. 🙂

                I’m gonna use that in my vocabulary, although I’ll probably substitute it for bedtimesexxyfun. “Maybe I’ll get a little Tam Tam action tonight!” 😀


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