Stuff I actually dream about

In my last post I talked about the things I like to daydream about.
But what do I dream about when I’m fast asleep? Let’s find out…

Monday I dreamed that Jessica Simpson was coming out with a line of butter candies. The flavors she had were: buttered toast, buttered popcorn, hot buttered rum and baked potato with butter. She needed my help to come up with the 5th flavor. I suggested buttered waffles.

Tuesday I dreamed that I worked at the Mad Men offices. I was going through everyone’s files to find out what their salaries were. I’m sneaky that way.

Wednesday I dreamed that I was hanging out with Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman. She was really impressed that I had a gold ring with three purple stones (I do not really have a gold ring with three purple stones).

Thursday I dreamed that I was a consumer reporter analyzing pool rafts.

Friday I dreamed that I couldn’t open my high school locker. It seemed I spent all night trying to open my combination lock. I hate those kinds of dreams. (In high school my locker combination was 10-16-38).

Saturday I dreamed that I was in charge of refreshments for the Honey Boo Boo airshow (she would jump out of an airplane and fly to the ground). I couldn’t find a dozen doughnuts, cupcakes or cookies, so I had to mix and match. It was very frustrating.

On Sunday I dreamed that I went to a party thrown by Kathy Griffin. I par-tayed until the wee hours. The next day Liam Neeson was mad at me for keeping his little boy out all night long. I guess I was supposed to be babysitting him – oops.

So what does any of this mean? Who cares. At least I didn’t dream that my teeth were falling out or that I had a mouth full of gum. My favorite dreams are flying dreams – but I rarely have those. What are some of the weird dreams you have? Let me know in comments!


23 thoughts on “Stuff I actually dream about”

  1. I just dreamed that the kid and I were on our way to the UK and got on the plane and suddenly realized we hadn’t packed any shoes, we were just wearing Crocs. My first thought was that we had to go shoe shopping as soon as we landed. But the pilot of the plane (which was really odd looking and more like the deck of a space ship than airplane) had a crazy pilot who went really low to the ground and almost swiped some horses running a race and then we landed on a highway in Ireland for some reason, and when we got up in the air we were over some water and he kept leaving the helm and I was running around trying to find someone in charge who would fly the plane and we swooped down low over Ireland again and there were all these houseboats and we could see inside. Sigh. No idea what this means, but before my UK trip in Sept. I’ll be making sure I pack some proper shoes. Although shoe shopping is not bad.

    1. I looked some of that up:
      “If you forget your shoes, then it suggests that you are leaving behind your inhibitions. You are refusing to conform to some idea or attitude.”

      “To dream that you are watching a horserace represents the power and drive you need to move forward in life. You need to believe that you are capable of succeeding in all your
      endeavors. The dream also symbolizes your sexual energy or competitive nature.”

  2. As for actual dreams, I’ll have to comment with one in a reply in a little bit. For the most part, I remember all my dreams, they are always in first person and as of late, I tend to dual layer dream. In fact, about two weeks ago I had a dream within a dream where I realized I was sleeping in the second one and attempted to knock myself out of it only to end up back in the first dream and not realize that it was also a dream. I mainly dream of a secondary life, there are actual buildings and places that people I know live that reoccur when I go see them in my dreams. It’s kind of weird and sometimes hard to explain but honestly, my dream life tends to be more interesting then my real one. I also travel alot.

  3. I rarely remember my dreams. Although i, like Lynda Carter, would be extremely impressed with a gold ring having three purple stones. And that lil bitch booboo whatever and he mother and everyone like them should just be pushed out of airplanes. Sans parachute.


  4. I rarely remember my dreams. Most of the ones I do remember involve family in bizarre situations which have me running around the house I grew up in ages ago.

    Some of my most interesting dreams are mathy; I’ll dream that I *am* some sort of mathematical object that I’m studying in my waking life. (I once dreamed that I was an electron in a carbon atom.) These abstract dreams are pretty cool, even if they feel like nightmares at the time.

      1. I usually don’t find actual solutions during the dream, but rather have the conscious “A-HA!” in the morning shower.

        I wonder if these are like Po’s “noodle dream” from Kung Fu Panda?

  5. I also enjoy flying dreams and ones where I play in the NHL. Most of the time, I don’t remember my dreams.

    My “nightmares” are about not attending grad school classes before the final exam. Strange considering I’ve never been to grad school.

    I also have these horrible dreams where I can’t get Copenhagen chewing tobacco (minor use in high school/college) out of my mouth, it is very grainy and tastes like garbage. This particular dream seems to have replaced the awful teeth falling out dreams.

    1. My “nightmares” are about not attending grad school classes before the final exam. Strange considering I’ve never been to grad school.

      I have this often, not grad school but university. Where I suddenly realize I’ve been enrolled in a class all year and didn’t even realize it so attended no classes and don’t even know where they are. Ugh. Hate it.

      1. I sometimes get this, but as a teacher. “Professor (TwoPi), where have you been all semester? How will you compute our grades?”

      2. I actually do have one like that, but it’s kinda like I totally skipped most of the classes, and now suddenly, people are telling me there’s a paper and/or final coming up tomorrow, and I have no time to prepare, nor even know any of the info I need to know. That one sucks.


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