True Confessions


20 thoughts on “True Confessions”

  1. Whenever I see these posts it’s a mix of excitement and dread. I love seeing all the confessions, but then the realization that today is gonna suck dawns on me.

    1. Adam
    2. Dr. Para
    3. Tam
    4. Michelle M
    5. Nathan

  2. 1. Adam
    2. Nathan
    3. Dr. para
    4. Tam
    5. Michelle M.

    And Adam, you SUCK! And badly, not in a good way. I KNEW you were cheating, you cheating cheat! 🙂


  3. By the way, I’m digging the photos you used: Tam, with the awesome hair and purple hoodie; Nathan using the come-hither stare and being all sultry; Michelle M., with her glasses looking fabulous and trying to fight off the paparazzi; Dr. Para just telling the whole world to fuck off; and Adam, just looking like the cheater he is.


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