Stuff I daydream about.

Life is harsh. Sometimes the best thing to do is slip into a nice daydream. Here’s just some of the stuff I like to imagine while I’m stargazing, woolgathering or just plain avoiding reality.

My most frequent daydream is of winning the mega millions lottery.
But The Publisher’s Clearing House prize would do just fine. I’m not picky.

After I win my millions, Harry and I will travel. Some of the places I fantasize about going to are Fiji (or any tropical island, really), Santorini, Austria, Australia, The U.K., Copenhagen and Belgium (I hear they make a good french fry…).

I like to pretend that I’m a ballerina. And not just a ballerina, but a prima ballerina assoluta.

I also like to daydream that I’m a singer/songwriter with a multi-octave range.
Here I am performing at one of my sold out concerts.

One of my favorite sports is figure skating. I like to imagine what music I would skate to, what costumes I would wear and what it would feel like to win an Olympic gold medal (in my head I have also won the gold in equestrian events, diving, skiing and gymnastics).

Have you heard? I’m (supposed to be) writing a novel. Of course, I like to think it will be a #1 best selling book. It will, of course, be optioned for a movie. And I’ll have so much fun traveling around the country staying in 5 star hotels and doing book signings. Make sure you come out to see me when I come to a bookstore near you!

Naturally I’ll win a best screenplay Oscar when I adapt my book for film. I’ll receive a standing ovation for my humble and humorous, yet touching acceptance speech.

Once I win the Oscar, maybe they’ll give me a whack at writing that Wonder Woman movie I’ve been waiting for…

All my daydreams aren’t frivolous, though. Sometimes I pretend that I’ve come up with the cure for cancer, paralysis or any other number of illnesses/diseases. The Nobel prize, Time cover for Person of the Year, money and accolades will all be secondary to the knowledge that I am helping the human race.

Some of my daydreams are actually attainable. I often wish that my house was sparkling clean, my laundry and ironing is all done, the cupboards and refrigerator are filled with food, and I’m at my goal weight. Then I can completely relax while watching movies and reading a stack of books guilt-free.

So what do you like to daydream about? Flying to the moon? Scoring the game winning touchdown? Being the homecoming queen? Stealing Mr. Sombrero away from Adam? Let me know in comments!


18 thoughts on “Stuff I daydream about.”

  1. I used to daydream about being a ballerina too. Not that I ever took a lesson, not even as a tot. I mostly daydream about winning the big lottery and then deciding what I’d do with the money, where I’d live (that beach looks lovely) and what kind of things I’d buy. Oh and how fast I could turn in my resignation letter at work.

      1. Yes, it’s tragic and everyone cries and talks about how awesome I was. Also, I’m sent out over a waterfall in a small wooden boat like Boromir.

  2. I had to look up “prima ballerina assoluta”; not only is this phrase not as dirty as it sounds, it even turned out to not be newly invented. Huh. Teach Me Something Monday.

    I daydream of winning tons of money so that I can spend all my time traveling, cooking, and brewing.

    1. It doesn’t seem like a very flattering phrase, does it?
      Make sure you travel out here – and bring a bottle of your brew for Harry.

  3. Honestly most of my daydreams involve the really hot guy I just saw and what I’d do to/with him. Until the next really hot guy comes along. And then I throw the first guy to the curb and think about the new one. And yet somehow it never gets boring or repetitive.


  4. That last photo makes it look like Michelle is actually cooking some of the blue stuff.

    I daydream about finishing my work day. Maybe it would happen if I stopped daydreaming.

    Adam: All you need to do is get Michelle to attend a pool party.

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