True Confessions


46 thoughts on “True Confessions”

  1. Geez, I have no idea about these, this time it’s a toughie…

    2. Mikey
    3. Michelle M
    4. Adam
    5. Dr. Para.

    I’m already ready-ing a second guess.


  2. Craig1 – 3
    DP MI MM AD 2P

    Tam1 – 0
    2P MI AD DP MM

    Polt1 – 1
    2P MI MM AD DP

    Tam2 – 1
    2P MM AD DP MI

    Tam3 – 3
    DP MM AD MI 2P

    Craig2 – 2
    MM MI DP AD 2P

    Tam4 – 2
    MI MM AD DP 2P

    Craig3 – 2
    MI MM 2P AD DP

    Tam5 – 2
    MI MM DP AD 2P

    Tam6 – 1
    MM MI AD DP 2P

    Not responsible for typographical errors.

        1. A closet Conan fan? I scream it from the rooftops! I watch every episode of Conan, and most episodes of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Watch What Happens Live.

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