The Case of the Bitchy Buffet Blower Bully

On July 4th, my mother took my grandparents (her parents) to a breakfast buffet. It wasn’t very crowded — there were probably 40 empty tables in the restaurant. The three of them were enjoying their meal until my mother’s attention was drawn to a woman at a neighboring table. She was noticeably agitated while her husband and young son were shoveling their faces full of food.

“Excuse me! Excuse me! EXCUSE ME!!” yelled the woman.

“Yes…?” questioned my mother.

“I’m trying to eat over here and he’s disgusting! He’s blowing his nose! IT’S DISGUSTING!” the woman said.

“What??” My mother was appalled.

“I’m trying to eat and he’s blowing his nose! DISGUSTING!!” She covered her mouth as if she was seconds from vomiting.

My mother responded with something completely inadequate along the lines of “Don’t worry about it, we’re leaving soon.” What makes the whole situation even more upsetting to me is that my grandparents are both hard-of-hearing (they’re in their late 80s/early 90s) and they didn’t even hear the woman.

“What did she say?” my grandmother asked. My mom repeated it to them.

“Oh…” said my grandfather, feeling embarrassed and a bit defeated. Picture a nice old man sitting at a table, quietly blowing his nose into a handkerchief. Is that scene really so horribly offensive?

When my mom told me the story, I was enraged. How dare that woman cross my grandfather? My mother should have cursed her out and then dumped the woman’s plate into her lap. If I were there, my response would have included at least three choice expletives. Then perhaps I would have spit into her face. People just don’t spit on each other enough these days.

Is public (and covered) nose blowing a disgusting offense? Or was that bitch just a bully? Tell me how you’d react!


11 thoughts on “The Case of the Bitchy Buffet Blower Bully”

  1. She was plain rude and obnoxious. What would i have done? I’m not sure, I’m pretty non-confrontational, but I would like to think I might have said “then I suggest you move to another table ma’am, where your manners won’t disrupt the rest of us.” Some people are plain bitches.

  2. I personally would have gotten in her face, threw down, and then tossed a drink in her face for good measure. We have to take into consideration though that i’m a public embarrassment who has no shame so….

  3. I would have said, “You’d prefer he just let the snot run out of his nose all down his chin? If it bothers you that much perhaps you should just leave.”


  4. UGH RUDE! I probably wouldn’t have gone back at her though to avoid further confrontation. I would just give her dirty looks for the remainder of the meal.

  5. It boggles the mind that people want to eat out at a restaurant where they will interact with other people and don’t realize that they will need to interact with other people. Like others, I would have responded to them with a little more rancor. I’ve actually bitched people out for giving my dog a dirty look. If you live in the city…you will see dogs.

  6. I’d much rather hear nose-blowing than repeated sniffling or snorting.

    Confronting strangers in a restaurant, under any guise, is psychotic.

  7. Blowing your nose into a handkerchief is acceptable in public, but less so while eating. You should excuse yourself from the table if at all possible.

    It is, however, FAR ruder to express disgust at the behavior of others.

    The more you know…

    1. I agree with Ty. My (elderly) father carries a handkerchief and sometimes blows his nose at the table (I’m easily grossed out). Maybe it’s an old man thing. Anyway, I would never be a bitch about it. That woman was completely out of line. I think I would have keyed her car, stuck gum in her hair and given her the evil eye.

  8. My nose runs every time I eat. It is kind of a pain in the ass. I won’t blow my nose at the table, unless I am at risk of it running down my face. I usually excuse myself.

    I don’t like when people blow their nose at the table at which I am eating, but I would never comment on a person blowing their nose at another table, especially if they were the age of your grand parents.

    That woman was a dick and needs to get over herself.

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