Have You Ever … On Your Birthday?!

I’ve written so many of these damn Have You Ever quizzes that I actually searched C&R and Googled to make sure that I haven’t already written an ‘On Your Birthday’ one. If it does exist, I can’t find it. So here it is! In honor of my upcoming birthday: Have You Ever … On Your Birthday?!

You know the rules but I’ll tell you anyway: For each question that you answer β€˜yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

Have You Ever?!

1. Have you ever had a birthday?
2. Have you ever received a crappy gift on your birthday?
3. Have you ever bought yourself a present on your birthday?
4. Have you ever worked on your birthday?
5. Have you ever thrown yourself a party on your birthday?
6. Have you ever been surprised by a birthday party at work on your birthday?
7. Have you ever been surprised by a surprise party on your birthday?
8. Have you ever baked yourself a cake on your birthday?
9. Have you ever received a free meal at a restaurant on your birthday?
10. Have you ever received a free drink at a bar on your birthday?
11. Have you ever turned into a gluttonous cake monster on your birthday?
12. Have you ever thrown up on your birthday?
13. Have you ever been disappointed (for any reason) on your birthday?
14. Have you ever lied about your age on your birthday?
15. Have you ever forgotten your own birthday?
16. Have you ever ignored your birthday and hoped it would just go away?
17. Have you ever cried on your birthday?
18. Have you ever gotten really drunk on your birthday?
19. Have you ever used illegal drugs on your birthday?
20. Have you ever had to spend your birthday alone?
21. Have you ever broken up with someone on your birthday?
22. Have you ever deleted your birthday on Facebook just to see who really remembers your birthday?
23. Have you ever had sex on your birthday?
24. Have you ever received any type of sex act as a birthday gift?
25. Have you ever slept with a prostitute on your birthday?

Tell us your total in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Have You Ever … On Your Birthday?!”

  1. 10, I think. I said yes to some no because I can remember a specific time it happened, but because I just assumed it probably did. Really, when you’ve had as many as I have, its difficult to recall them all,


  2. 16

    Let me just make a point on a few:

    1) Wat….
    5) Almost every year since I was in high school, only since my birthday falls on a holiday weekend all the time, we tend to move them over now that we’re adults.
    7) Red balloons….I still hate everyone for that one
    10) Strip club, from a stripper named Anastasia, who proceeded to then talk to me for 4 hours.
    18) I mean, do I even need to make a point of the fact that I fell down a few weekends ago and threatened to kill every single person who was TMZing me.
    24) I didn’t add this to my total simply because having Jenny (the “wife”) show me her breasts as a birthday gift doesn’t really count as a sex act, but technically, I’ve asked for sexesqe things for my birthday and received them.

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