It’s National HIV Testing Day 2012 … Have You Ever Been Tested?!

Today is National HIV Testing Day 2012! NHTD was founded in 1995 to spread the message of ‘Take the Test, Take Control’ across the country. Have you ever been tested for HIV? Let’s find out.

The rules are simple: For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

Have You Ever…

1. Have you ever worn an AIDS Awareness pin or red ribbon?
2. Have you ever been tested or checked for an STD?
3. Have you ever been anonymously tested for HIV?
4. Have you ever been tested by your family doctor for HIV?
5. Have you ever encouraged a friend to be tested for HIV?
6. Have you ever gone with a friend to get tested for HIV?
7. Have you ever encouraged a sexual partner to be tested for HIV?
8. Have you ever gone with a sexual partner to get tested for HIV?
9. Have you ever had a partner ask you to get an HIV test?
10. Have you ever dated someone who tested positive for HIV?
11. Have you ever stopped dating someone because they tested positive for HIV?
12. Have you ever refused to have protected sexual relations with a partner until they were tested for HIV?
13. Have you ever refused to have unprotected sexual relations with a partner until they were tested for HIV?
14. Have you ever had protected sex with someone whose HIV status you didn’t know?
15. Have you ever had unprotected sex with someone whose HIV status you didn’t know?
16. Have you ever had sexual relations with someone you knew was HIV+?
17. Have you ever had sexual relations with someone you later found out was HIV+?
18. Have you ever been concerned that you had HIV based upon banal symptoms (common cold, or something)?
19. Have you ever had an HIV scare? (You thought that you might test positive)
20. Have you ever had a false positive HIV test?
21. Have you ever been tested positive for HIV?
22. Have you ever had a friend or family member who is HIV+?
23. Have you ever lost a friend or family member to an AIDS related illness?
24. Have you ever lost a (current or former) partner to an AIDS related illness?
25. Have you ever played Adventures in Sex City to learn more about sexual health?

Find out more about the National HIV Testing Day 2012 at

Thanks to Craig & Mikey for your help with this post!


30 thoughts on “It’s National HIV Testing Day 2012 … Have You Ever Been Tested?!”

  1. 2 I give blood regularly and they always test for HIV of each donation so I’ve been tested that way but I’ve never gone to a clinic or doctor specifically for that. To the best of my knowledge I don’t know anyone with HIV but I might.

        1. Remarkably I’m willing to give Adam the benefit of the doubt that his “me and you” was ironically deliberate 🙂

  2. 10. In fact, just two weeks ago I was last tested, and got the results the following Monday. Negatory! Yay! I get tested every year, just to be sure.


  3. 5. What does “tested anonymously” mean?

    And Chris — why did you take the old-fashioned (as opposed to instant) test? And only ONCE a year? Really? 😉

    And Tam — some of us can’t give blood unless we want to lie on the form.

          1. No, seriously, I wasn’t being judgy. I was just teasing Polt. Polt has often referred to himself as a “slut” light-heartedly and I *TRULY* have no value judgement whatsoever towards his or anybody’s sex life; he has a very enthuastically active sex life with multiple partners and often comments on it. Jere refers to himself the same way. Some of us are more, some less, inclined to “hookups” in our own lives, but that doesn’t mean that any of us are judging one another.

            We’ve all joked about this sort of stuff across all the blogs with lots of goofy innuendo and the like going back to before I ever got involved with the Puntabagang. That sort of humor used to be the staple of the group. I didn’t think it was controversial. If Chris was offended by my silly joke, then I certainly apologize.

            I just looked up anonymous testing. Read some other interesting stuff (apparently I’ve been shockingly ignorant) — it didn’t occur to me, for instance, that people would get a viral load test prior to an antibody test: the government website recommends it for people who think they may just have been infected as the virus may be detectable before you start making antibodies. New that it could take 3-6 months from infection until the antibodies could be detectable. With my sexual history this has required very very very few tests in my lifetime. In fact I remember when my GP first suggested an HIV test as part of my annual physical I said to him “I can honestly say I’m more likely to be pregnant than to have been infected since the last time I got tested N years ago.” THAT is lame 🙂

    1. 1. Perhaps I should have used the word “confidential” instead of “anonymous.” Confidential testing means that the results of any HIV test performed will not be revealed to anybody except designated clinic staff, and in some cases, specific public health officials. Confidential testing will usually require a person to give their details (name, age, address) to the clinic performing the test. They then have to contact or return to the clinic after to get the results (unless a rapid test is used).

      2. That is rather judgmental — I agree with Craig.

      3. blood donation is still important, and although laws that discriminate against gay people are archaic and stupid, you should not try to make people who choose to donate blood feel guilty.

      1. we must have been typing at the same time. I understand that you were joking but it still came across as judgy. While cockiness and rudeness are celebrated at C&R, perhaps the subject matter crosses the line a little bit. And I wish you could get pregnant!! Then there’d be judgy little Justin spawns running around, throwing asterisks and long windiness at everyone.

      2. Yes, the government website explained the anonymous/confidential stuff — even to the point of saying that you can go to a clinic and not even tell them until you’re in a private room precisely what it is that you want to have tested: this way nobody else in the waiting room will have any idea, presumably. The government website even goes so far as to give recommendations to people who live in states where anonymous testing isn’t offered. That’s pretty cool.

        I give up on trying to explain that I wasn’t judging Polt. You can say I came ACROSS as judgemental but you can’t tell me it actually WAS judgemental, because I know what my motives and sentiments were: nobody who isn’t inside my brain can know better than I do.

        I *DEFINITELY* wasn’t “trying to make people who choose to donate blood feel guilty”. Why should Tam feel guilty because the USA has archaic and stupid laws? I applaud her for donating blood!! I was just bitching about the fact that the USA requires sexually active gay men to either actually LIE on an official form or not donate. It’s congress that should feel guilty. Neither of those is an acceptable option as far as I’m concerned.

        1. Well gay men can’t donate in Canada either and in the UK you have to have been celibate for at least 12 months. They are talking about it here but not sure when. I do it for the free cookies.

    2. I take the ‘old’ test because I have to get bloodwork done four times a year every year for my diabetes anyway, so when it’s time I just tell the doctor it’s time for the test and she adds it to the things they’re already checking for.


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