True Confessions


78 thoughts on “True Confessions”

  1. Michelle M. and Ryan took my answer (and then when I thought I would switch it a bit, Tam had it) so instead I’m submitting my guess by ascending order of picture creepiness:

    1. Adam
    2. Adam
    3. Adam
    4. Adam
    5. Adam

  2. I started thinking of my guesses before realizing I was in it this time too! *SHEESH*

    Maybe I can use that as my confession next time. 🙂


  3. I totally pegged Adam for number 2.

    1. TwoPi
    2. Adam
    3. Dr. Para
    4. Polt
    5. FDot (though Adam’s age makes me think this might be him…)

        1. Get a room you two! (I mean, Craiggers and Adam, as presumably john and his hand are already in the same room). 🙂


  4. This guess is based upon who is least to most embarrassed to be a C&R reader and involved in this post:

    1. Adam
    2. Dr. Para
    3. Polt
    4. TwoPi
    5. FDot (he can’t even fake enthusiasm)

  5. Just looking over the guesses so far, the vast majority, 62%, seem to think I’m the masturbator, while 15% seem to think I either collected placemats or hissed at women, and less than 8% think I liked My Little Pony. No one seems to think I was ever sued for my driving skills.

    I’m not at all sure what, if anything, this tells me, I’m just trying to find things to do in the last twenty minutes before going home. 🙂


      1. Watch it, Craiggers. Dont forget I have my camera with me outside your window, and I’ve seen what you, Felice, and Optimus Pride do when Natalie Portman, Your Wife, isn’t around.


  6. Michelle M. #1
    TwoPi, FDot, Adam, Polt, Dr. Para
    0 Correct

    Ryan #1
    TwoPi, FDot, Adam, Polt, Dr. Para
    0 Correct

    Tam #1
    TwoPi, Dr. Para, Adam, Polt, FDot
    0 Correct

    Craig #1
    Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam
    1 Correct

    Mikey #1
    Dr Para, TwoPi, FDot, Polt, Adam
    1 Correct

    Tam #2
    TwoPi, Polt, FDot, Adam, Dr. Para
    1 Correct

    Tam #3
    Dr. Para, Polt, FDot, Adam, TwoPi
    1 Correct

    Craig #2
    TwoPi, Adam, Dr. Para, Polt, FDot
    0 Correct

    John #1
    TwoPi, Adam, Dr. Para, Polt, FDot
    0 Correct

    Tam #4
    Dr. Para, FDot, TwoPi, Polt, Adam
    2 Correct

    Craig #3
    Dr. Para, FDot, TwoPi, Adam, Polt
    1 Correct

    Tam #5
    FDot, TwoPi, Dr. Para, Polt, Adam
    2 Correct

    Craig #4
    Adam, Dr. Para, Polt, TwoPi, FDot
    0 Correct

    Craig #5
    Kahlan, Dennee, Magda, Jax, Kahlan and Darken’s Son
    0 Correct

    Tam #6
    FDot, Dr. Para, Polt, TwoPi, Adam
    2 Correct

    Tam #7
    FDot, Polt, Dr. Para, TwoPi, Adam
    3 Correct

          1. Something made me believe that he would have definitely been the culprit of that secret too, so I would have been wrong along with everyone else.

        1. I had just made a chart of the guesses and number of correct when I scrolled down and saw you had won.

    1. Hush you, I’ve actually got a really good story that goes with mine which makes it funnier. It was high school, freshman/sophomore year, I don’t remember, that shit all blends together now. Said incident happens, we both sort of never acknowledge it, and so I’m telling this story at school the next day in the computer lab to all my buddies. The story of course is filled with swearing and even more graphic then needed be for hilariousness and just as I get done telling it, I turn around to see that the sweet old lady who ran the computer lady was standing right behind me, listening to the whole thing. Needless to say, I don’t think she would ever look at me again after she gave me this reaction stare of “God, you fucking mess you.”

      1. I figured it was Dr. Para who was the masturbator, as he’s the only one that comes even close to me things like that. 🙂

        Actually, mom DID walk in on me once, but she wasn’t bringing me a meal, And that’s all I’m gonna say about that! 🙂


      1. We have a massive stash of My Little Ponies in the basement complete with Castle and something else. Maybe an amusement park.

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