It’s a C&R Dance Party!

Forget the CD Exchange (if I don’t participate, it doesn’t exist) let’s have a music exchange right here at Cocky & Rude!  Each time we have a C&R Dance Party, I’ll name a theme for the day and you’ll post your responses in the form of a YouTube video in the comments.  And don’t forget to dance!

Today’s Theme Is: A Song That You’re Embarrassed To Admit You Love
Link us to a YouTube video in the comments and tell us why you picked it.
Feel free to answer more than once!

Mikey, Ty and Mr. Sombrero already know this (because I may or may not have performed it at a recent karaoke party) … but I’m a sucker for the late ’80s to mid ’90s Disney movies!  I know all the words to the songs from The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and a bunch of the other great animated films from that era.  By far, my favorite is A Whole New World from Aladdin.  Here it is, for your viewing pleasure:

Now it’s your turn!

(And by the way, if your video doesn’t post in the comments correctly, FEAR NOT! 
I’ll fix it as soon as I get a chance)


20 thoughts on “It’s a C&R Dance Party!”

  1. Wow, I have so many. Here’s one that I put on my latest exchange CD. I can’t stop listening to it. Added embarrassment points because she’s Bieber’s girlfriend.

  2. Well, John will say don’t be embarrassed by this one, but I love these guys. Most people give you the hairy eyeball if you say that. Although I didn’t remember his “interesting” hair style.

  3. Pretty much everything I listen too falls into the “embarassing” category. But, I guess I’ll have to go with “Spice Up Your Life” by the Spice Girls. (Sorry am at work, can’t post video)

  4. Time for me to fuck up yet another link or two, but let’s go with two song I’m mortified people find while going through my music, they usually stop and look at me for the first one but skip the second one, thank god: Ugh, I’m going to go drown myself in a Dr. Para and Coke for revealing these … I hate you Adam.

  5. Being a fan of rather nonmainstream music… I found this question completely befuddling. The songs I’m *actually* embarrassed by are things that I know most other humans enjoy (i.e. all those disco albums in my collection), while the stuff I think of as just ordinary quality stuff I expect most non-metal-heads would guffaw at.

    Then I remembered my weak spot. The Voice! I’ve seen him twice in concert, and love pretty much everything he’s recorded.

    His iconic song, and the first hit of his that I loved:

    But one of his best recordings, and an underappreciated gem:

    Finally, a highlight from his most recent album:

  6. I also listen to the Macarena and Electric Slide on occasion….”Aserejé ja de jé de jebe, Tu de jebere sebiunouba, Majabi an de bugui an de buididipi”

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