Commenter Cocktails!

Tomorrow is National Martini Day! Because the “M.” in Michelle M. sometimes stands for Mixologist, I created the following cocktails in honor of my favorite bloggers/commenters. Please drink responsibly.

The C&RmyCoke and rum and a splash of Berenger’s zinfandel. Garnish with cheeseball.

For Craig: The Dancing Monkey – Curacao, banana rum, pineapple vodka and cream of coconut.

For Mush: The Goblin Box – Green Goblin apple cider and boxed wine.

For Tam: The TaM/Mtini – Red vodka, Meyer’s Lemon mix and Maple syrup.

For The Kid: It’s not my job to corrupt the kid (that’s all on Adam). So it’s juice for her.
But she can put it in a Solo cup if that helps her cred.

For Nathan: The NathanCanadian whiskey and Kool – Aid.

For newlywed Talita: The Glamourgirlie – Pink vodka, Nuvo sparkling liqueur,
Chambord and pink sugar for the rim.

For john: The Boozy Bunny – Orange tequila, triple sec and carrot juice.

For Paul: The SwirlBailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, Chambord, raspberry
and chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

For Chris D.: The EnforcerIrish whiskey, coffee, donut vodka.

For Enrico: The Hotel TuesdayPineapple juice, tears and a maraschino cherry.

For josh: The Trashytini – Citrus vodka, orange and lemon-lime Flavor Ice.

For Ryan: The Skinny Cupcake – Skinny boy margarita and water.

For fdot: The Green Squirrel – Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, peanut vodka,
Nocello walnut liqueur, pistachio liqueur.

For Ty: The Ty One On – This potent potable contains Bulldog Strong Ale,
Bulldog gin and Bulldog rootbeer.

For Mr. Sombrero: The Sexy Sombrero – Sombrero tequila and ginger ale.
Because he has to deal with Adam, I recommend multiple shots.

For TwoPi: The TwoPi – 3.14 oz. Vanilla vodka, 3.14 oz. Apple beer and a splash
of pumpkin spice liqueur. Top off with Cool Whip.

For Jere: The Blind Mascots – Iguana beer, Flying Dog pale ale, Moosehead lager
and a splash of champagne to celebrate graduation from law school.

For Polt: The Purple Passion – Kurant vodka, curacao, grenadine and passion fruit liqueur.

For David P.: The Someone in a Martreeni – Acai vodka, wheat grass and spinach.

For Justin: The Asterisk – Dark Chocolate liqueur, maple liqueur and and an *endlessly* flowing keg of beer.

For Vuboq: The Vuboq – V is for vodka (pear), U is for umbrella, B is for bitters,
O is for Orangecello and Q is for quince liqueur.

Fat Betty: The Blambablam – Whipped cream vodka, caramel vodka, chocolate liqueur,
white chocolate liqueur, cappuccino liqueur, vanilla ice cream, chocolate shavings
and Reddi Whip (to top off drink or to spray directly into mouth).

For Dr. Para: The Dr. Para – Pour all drinks above in a Big Gulp cup, toss in some gummy bears and enjoy!

*Cooper’s cocktail will be featured on Cooper’s Corner Tuesday.

So how will you celebrate National Martini Day? What’s your alcoholic beverage of choice? How does it feel to have a beverage named after you? Did I forget anyone? Let me know in comments!


42 thoughts on “Commenter Cocktails!”

  1. I mean, if I didn’t adore you already than this would have been the clincher. Everyone knows the easiest way to the biggest alcoholics heart on C&R is cocktails and for you to just blindly shovel as much alcohol as possible into a cup for me, makes me love you. I have to add though, I didn’t realize it was national martini day and since I hate martini’s, I guess I’ll have to break out “The Chalice” and pour myself a Dr. Para Captain and Coke (95% Captain, splash of Coke for coloring) and celebrate! Cheers All.

  2. OMG I love it! I think Enrico’s might be my favorite, but I’ll have to try one of each just to be sure.

    Or maybe I’ll just have a shot of Sexy Sombrero. I bet it would feel really good running down my throat.

    1. As it’s been said many times at my house and ironically by the “supposedly” straight Beercules “It goes down smooth, like a fine man’s penis.”

  3. For the C&R cocktail btw, I’m pretty sure that could go disastrously. I fondly remember many a night where I ran out of Coke (or didn’t have any to start with) and it seemed like a good idea to chase Captain with things like Boone’s Farm…. Hmm, it’s still too early to be socially acceptable to drink atm, I’m taking a nap, someone wake me when it’s lunch cocktail time.

  4. This is awesome. I had no idea there were so many bulldog branded alcoholic beverages. I’ve had the bulldog gin though! 🙂

  5. “Craig has a small flaccid french fry” is still a tag, yet no sign of “Puntabugang”. Lame! (I’m of course blaming Adam for this since he makes the tags. I still love Michelle more than anything.)

  6. I have no idea what Kurant vodka, curacao, grenadine or passion fruit liqueur even taste like, but if it makes a purple drink, I’m downing it! True story: One time in Toronto we wanted to do a purple shot, and the waitress said she didn’t know of any. She asked the bartender and he looked through a book and made up each a shot called “A Rusty Tractor”. I’ve no idea what was in it, we never asked, but it was a beautiful deep plum-ish purple color, and we downed them all. Tasty, as I recall too! 🙂


  7. 2 parts Bacardi mojito (the kind with the booze already in it)
    1 part peppermint schnapps
    1 part Captain Morgan spiced rum

    I call it, “The Spice of Life”

  8. Oh yeah, the kid’s response to hers this morning was a snort. Not sure if it was a snort of derision or humor.

  9. These are fantastic! And a great job on the photos of the prepared cocktails.

    I might kick up the level on the TwoPi by substituting apple brandy for the apple beer.

  10. Although they all sound tasty (well, some more than others), i loved Enrico’s (almost as much as mine) … but, I’ll still stick with a classic dirty martini. *smooches*

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