10 Reasons Why I Might Dislike You On Facebook

You can’t stop posting photos of your children

You constantly post photos of sick/sad/dying animals

You do nothing but talk about sports 24/7

Your politics are stupid

You complain constantly

You post a photo of every meal that you eat

You are constantly fishing for pity

You are constantly fishing for compliments

You are wayyyy too attractive

You are way happier than me

So what bugs you on Facebook?  (And don’t forget to follow Cocky&Rude!)



28 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Might Dislike You On Facebook”

      1. That’s a pretty empty sentiment considering that Facebook doesn’t have a dislike button.

  1. Yes, what Ryan said. Mostly I just scan by statuses I don’t care about. I can’t be bothered getting my knickers in a twist. (Yes, I’m better than you. Suck it.)

  2. It never occurred to me that you don’t like my statuses because I am wayyyyy too attractive. I guess I can work on that

  3. How about that copy and paste status everyone was frantically putting in their profiles about copyright infringement and privacy? LOLZ. I would cringe from embarrassment everytime I saw those.

      1. I pretty much have to go to snopes after every email Mom and Dad send me. I used to send them the snopes links back, but I’ve given up.

  4. I also hate when people post weirdly intimate things on each other facebook pages. We know you are in a relationship and that usually includes love of some kind, but why do you write it on each other’s walls every day? Does that somehow make you think it is more real?

    1. Isnt that what the Message thing is for, private conversations? I agree Mikey, I hate seeing things on the Walls that should be in Messages.


      1. I do like reading screencaps of people accidentally posting to a wall instead of a message and revealing more than they intended, especially if it includes the requisite “HOW DO I DELETE THIS?!?!?”

  5. If I have gotten nothing else from Cocky and Rude (hint: I haven’t), I will always be grateful to Adam for introducing me to the word “Mamarazzi.” So apt!

  6. Man glad other people are pissed by this stuff. So tired of seeing kids photos. Hey everyone get a clue nobody wants to see your damn kids except your closest family!

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