It’s Your Friday Five!

This week I crowdsourced a fabulous new Friday Five for you to enjoy … check it out!

I can’t decide between Downton Abbey and Homeland so I’m picking both! So let’s just say that it’s shows everyone raves about that I’m finally seeing. Yay for being cutting edge and relevant! Downton Abbey is like Pride and Prejudice meets a juicy soap opera. Mmmm, juicy. And Homeland is so good and complicated I have no idea who I’m supposed to root for. Mmmm, rooty. Craig

For me , it’s a tie. 1), Biggest Cock & Rudest Loser 3 is now over, now more weekly blurbs or embarrassing weigh-in.  And 2) I FINALLY GOT THE PURPLE LINE IN THE BC&RL3  WEIGHT LOSS GRAPH!  I don’t care where I finished, getting the purple line means I won.  So there! 🙂Polt

My cool thing this week is seeing my first e-book cover with my name and the book title on it. Yes, I’ve had a couple of short stories, but the covers were generic, no names. This is the first time my name is on a specific cover. Yes, yes, there will be a few of us with the same cover for this particular series, but still – my name is right there, on his abs! Le sigh. He’s kind of pretty. So props to cover artist Reese Dante and I’m a bit thrilled to have a real cover. Fun stuff. (July 28 – buy it, make me rich!)Tam

Cute animal videos. I don’t even want to know how much time I waste watching this nonsense. If you have 17 seconds to waste, this is for you:Michelle M.

One amazing five this week has to be yesterday’s ruling about the constitutionality of parts of the odiously named Defense of Marriage Act.  The ruling doesn’t state that we lowly homos have the right to marry, but it does say that the Federal government doesn’t have the right to force the states to discriminate against us.  The ruling will undoubtedly head to the Supreme Court….and given the controversy, it will be one of the final things they rule on in the next court session.  Tune at the end of NEXT June for the results.  Until then do what I am going to do, drink a celebratory toast and get married.Mikey

That’s our Friday Five … What’s Yours?!


23 thoughts on “It’s Your Friday Five!”

  1. 1. I haven’t seen any of those shows, but in general if it doesn’t involve food, gypsies, dance moms or toddlers wearing tiaras, we don’t watch much.
    2. Yay for purple. Of course I weighed myself ts morning and weigh les than yesterday. I till would have been in 4th place, but not part of the pack.
    4. That is the CUTEST THING EVAH!!!!!
    5. Yay. Now the fundies have one more thing to rail against. They’re going to need much bigger signs for their protests, they can fit all their grievences on a normal sized protest sign.

    1. Are you watching Breaking Pointe (ballet documentary)? It started last night, but maybe you don’t get it in Canada. The real Dance Moms (not the the Miama crap) starts soon. Yay! And have you heard Honey Boo Boo is getting her own show? Yikes.

      1. GET OUT!!! Her own show doing what?

        We haven’t even got the LAST episode of season 2 yet. I think there are two more. Kristen records it so I just see it when she does. We don’t get Miami (which seems like a good thing). I hate Abby Lee with a passion.

        I don’t think we get the ballet thing. I love ballet though, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it, We get some shows later.

  2. 1. I have the first season of Downtown Abbey, but haven’t watched it yet. And I’ve never even heard of Homeland.
    2. Purple. Line. Means. I. Won!
    3. Ah Tam, if only I had a nickel for everytime I wrong my name on some guys abs!
    4. That made me laugh so hard! I had hampsters, I know they are not amiable to training, wonder how they got him to do that.
    5. Mikey, will the current Supreme Court makeup, I don’t see them ruling the favor of teh gays. It’s a shame really. 50 years from now, people will look back at this time and shake their heads in wonder as we do now over segregation in the early 60s.


    1. Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor & Kagan will most likely affirm the lower courts ruling. Scalia, Thomas & Alito will uphold the law as is. Kennedy has been the pivotal swing justice on two gay rights cases, Romer v Evans & Lawrence v Texas, both of which use the same narrow terminology that the plaintiffs in this case use. I think they will play to him because he wants to build a legacy on the court. Roberts may also be someone they can appeal to. He may come from a conservative background and be appointed by a crazy man, but I think he would be loathe to put his name to something that will eventually be considered bad law and might be overturned while he is still Chief Justice. I think the odds are in our favor, but not favour. Canada already has gay marriage.

      1. And oddly enough we have not been consumed by demon hordes nor has there been a rash of divorces with formerly straight guys running off to get married and have the buttsecks with all the gay boys. Go figure.

      2. Personally, I think that’s an optimistic assessment. You may be correct about Roberts and his legacy, but I think he’s much more conservative than you may think him to be, and I believe he will decide that way. he may turn out to be a Burger, or a Souter (appointed by a republican, but turned out to be a left leaning Justice), but I don’t think so. I agree Kennedy is the swing vote, as O’Conner used to be. And he has been more socially liberal in his decisions. Still, i don’t feel comfortable pinning all my hopes on him. But eh, we play with the cards we’re dealt, not the cards we want, right? 🙂


      3. One important thing to remember about this ruling is that it is fairly narrow. It basically says that the states can define marriage however they want, but the federal government has to recognize a marriage recognized by a state. Upholding the ruling would allow gays and lesbians to access the federal rights of married couples (including immigration, taxes, and inheritances), but it wouldn’t force Alabama to recognize gay marriages. By limiting the scope and appealing to federalism, it makes it more likely that it is something the more moderate conservatives could live with.

    1. Cocky & Rude might win. Pictures of abs two days in a row is a good thing. We should try for 3 next week.

      And thanks.:-)

  3. I can’t force myself to start another show, I finally got around to watch the second half of season 2 of The Walking Dead this week, decided to dump Boardwalk because I don’t care, etc. I’m literally forcing myself to put a minimum on the amount of shows I’m allowing myself to love … plus it makes room for more video games because there’s a few that are coming out soon that will consume way too much of my time.

      1. LOVE HER too! Her face is so…emotive. She can say so much without say a word, just by her facial expressions.


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