A few of my favorite things

What do raindrops on roses, all edges brownie pans, schnitzel with noodles and apple bottom jeans have in common? They are not my favorite things (sorry Oprah and Maria von Trapp). I like other stuff. Here are a few of my favorite things:

My Le Crueset pitcher in Caribbean Blue. I just love the color. I got it so I can make iced tea (pouring the hot water in won’t crack it). I don’t like tea, and try as I might, cannot acquire a taste for it. But having this pitcher is an incentive to drink healthy, good for you, yucky tasting tea.

Nothing says “class” like plastic wine glasses (I also have plastic champagne glasses). We do have the crystal stuff, but who wants to hand wash a glass after enjoying their Beringer‘s zinfandel? The answer is: Not me.

Our TV trays – we use them ALL the time. Why eat at the dinner table when you can cram your face with food in front of the TV? Conversation is overrated anyway.

Butt warmers. Almost makes it worth driving a station wagon (it’s Harry’s – I will not cop to owning a station wagon).

Speaking of warm buns – croissants! Mmmm. Buttery, flaky and low calorie! Well, I’ll have to settle for two out of three.

Jasmine – this isn’t our jasmine. Ours isn’t quite as lush. But it’s blooming and smells heavenly.

Know what else smells good? Me! Because I use Elizabeth Arden‘s Green Tea perfume. It doesn’t smell like green tea, though, more like peppery lime.

Parcheesi! I love this game. Even though I haven’t played it in a million years, it’s still a favorite. Doubles, blockades, sending someone home – so much fun!

I love notebooks. I like the promise a brand new notebook holds. Maybe I’ll scribble down ideas for a post, make out a grocery list or start writing that million dollar novel – especially now that I’m participating in Craig’s Six Figure Summer (maybe he should make that Seven Figure Summer…).

See’s Milk Bordeaux candies. Did you know that See’s calls the sprinkles “chocolate rice”? You do now. Thank goodness they’re so rich or I’d be giving Fat Betty some competition.

So this is what I think of when the dog bites or the bee stings. And if you look under your chair, you will find… nothing! You get nothing! And you get nothing. Everybody gets nothing!

So what are some of your favorite things? Let me know in comments!


25 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things”

  1. My favourite things: new red sneakers (that have a hint of sparkle this season); DQ blizzards; a surprise book that totally blows you away when you expect ok; I LOVE hot buns in the winter, best thing in my car; Mott’s Fruitsation ice bars; and cool evenings when it lets my house cool down.

    1. Your favoUrite things: a surpise boUoUk that toUtally bloUws yoUu away when yoUu expect oUk…

      hehehe….silly canadians. 🙂


      1. They’re quite good. The apple ones taste a bit like frozen apple juice, but the strawberry was good. There are also Welch’s grape juice ones I’ll try next time.

  2. 1. That pitcher is way fancier than my ice tea pitcher (that I melted in the dish washer)!

    2. I hope you at least recycle those things

    3. lolz! Yer super classy

    4. Heated seats always make me feel like I have giant load of diarrhea bubbling up inside me

    5. I prefer a toasted english muffin

    6. nice!

    7. Yer such a fancy lady

    8. I haven’t played that since I was a kid … looks fun!

    9. Now I know what to get you for your birthday! Notebooks with mustaches on them!

    10. Some people call them “Jimmies” … that’s the dumbest name for sprinkles EVAH

    1. No, I don’t throw them away! They’re a thicker plastic – not like the ones you get at the grocery store. They are dishwasher safe. We have 2 wine glasses and 2 champagne glasses. And when you come visit me, we will be fancy and use them!

      1. Oh – and also, I cracked my glass pitcher by pouring hot water in it (duh, what was I thinking?), and I didn’t want to use plastic with the hot water [BPAs and all that], so thus, my one Le Crueset piece!

  3. I haven’t played Parcheesi in probably 30 years! We used to play with my grandmother. I don’t get the appeal of tea, iced or otherwise. Chocolate rice? Srsly?

    My favorite thing this week: a three day weekend and a day in which I have nothing scheduled.

    1. Sprinkles (chocolate or rainbow) actually don’t taste that great. But they sure are pretty.
      Tea is gross. I get the flavored kinds (non-caffeinated), the fruit ones are the best.

        1. Ugh. What’s wrong with artificially flavoured colored sweetened pretend iced tea? I dislike any tea except green tea, I never order iced tea when I’m in the US because, blerg, it’s made from TEA!!!!

  4. I thought that pitcher was something VUBOQ made, it looks like it could be. 🙂

    My favorite things? Asian twinkies with hairthings. Anything purple. Superman stuff.

    best of all, An Asian twinkie with a hairthing wearing a purple Superman t-shirt and nothing else. 🙂


  5. TV Trays are great multi-taskers: laptop desk, bird cage stand, water crock stand, parts table. Absolute bargain at $20, I should have bought two sets.

    Butt warmers were essential in Colorado.

    Croissants are yummy.

    Jasmine smells great.

    I could eat a dozen bordeaux candies.

    1. I chuckled when I read “Thank goodness they’re so rich or I’d be giving Fat Betty some competition.” The richness of a candy has never stopped me from eating at least a dozen of them!

      1. Speaking of rich, the filling in this birthday cake is through the roof. Thank god BC&RL is over soon and I can eat this guilt-free.

          1. The bottom layer was red velvet cake with cream cheese butter cream and the top layer was lemon cake with raspberry butter cream. The kids ate all the red velvet, we still have some lemon left.

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