Five Alive!

Hello everyone. Remember me? I’m Mikey. I used to blog here. It was a long time ago. I mean Donna Summer was still alive back then. Anyway….I’m here to tell you about five awesome things from my week. Well from my life this week…or something. YOu get it? Ok…go

A few weeks ago, I turned old. Not really old, just sorta old. To commemorate my rapid aging process, my amazing fiancé, Ty, bought me an Amazon Kindle Fire. It is incredible. Ty might regret giving it to me, since I’m so engrossed in reading more and more stuff. Yay technology!

On my awesome new Kindle is my brand new electronic copy of Flagrant Conduct: The Story of Lawrence v Texas by Dale Carpenter. I’m not a legal scholar by any means, but I am loving this book. Carpenter reconstructs the facts and personalities involved in the legal battle that lead to the legalization of same-sex sex acts across the US. It is engaging, shocking and thrilling to read. Pick it up or download it!

Speaking of gay sex, did you know that Jimmy Kimmel interviewed people on the street about whether they have had a gay experience before? Well….he did. The results are hilarious.

Also, when you haven’t had enough fun in your life, you should do what Adam does: put food on your cat and take a photo. It might be bizarre, but it’s not as rare as you think. Thanks the geniuses at Buzzfeed we have a one stop shop for all your cats in fruit hats needs.

And finally, we have a three day weekend and that is incredible. Three days of not going to work and not having to get up early. It is about freaking time. And since the Fourth of July falls on a Wednesday this year, it is the last three day weekend for until Labor Day. Celebrate!

So those are my five: Kindle Fire, a book about gay sex that is really nerdy, Jimmy Kimmel asking random people about gay sex, cats in fruit hats, and a three day weekend. What’s on your list?


9 thoughts on “Five Alive!”

  1. Yay for e-books …old man.
    The book sounds interesting
    Oh those wacky Canadians and their gay sex, well 50%. I have a feeling Mr. Muscle’s answer was yes, but he’s in denial.
    Ha! I thought the cat with his tongue out was the best, until I got to the bottom one. My cats would kill be in my sleep if we tried that.
    We had our three day weekend last weekend and I was sick as a dog all weekend and it was stinkin’ hot. Not so fun.

    Have a good one.

  2. My five from this week:
    1. Our 8 yr old’s fever finally breaking, and his recovering from 2+ weeks of pneumonia.
    2. Summer-like weather in May
    3. Window air conditioners in each bedroom
    4. Minor league baseball (seats three rows from the dugout = $11, two bratwurst = $6, parking = $5)
    5. Fixing the broken dishwasher myself

    Actually, I’m anticipating #5, but I have great faith that things will go well today.

  3. I’ll have to try the ebook thing some day. The guy with the kid was funny. Now I need to find a tiny melon to put on Cooper’s head.

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