Is that rain? OoOoOo…

These two commercials make me want to shoot myself in the head.

Hotspacho?  Seriously?  And this is SAMUEL L. JACKSON!  Why isn’t it: “I want some motherfuckin organic mushrooms in my motherfuckin risotto!”?

Is that rain?  OoOoOoOo  … YOU’RE STANDING NEXT TO GODDAMNED A WINDOW.  Remind me to clean up … [quirky pause] … tomorrow.  Today, we’re dancing!

I think I’ll get another Droid when my contract is up.


9 thoughts on “Is that rain? OoOoOo…”

  1. There is no amount of “fuck you’s!” I can issue for forcing myself to watch her commercial before I go to bed because I’m a glutton for punishment and I can’t stop. It’s like how I feel like I’m trolling myself when I listen to Skrillex, Lana Del Rey and now “Starships” by Nicki Minaj … Okay, I need to punch someone before bed now!

  2. I hate those Windows PC commercials where they set up a store in someone’s home. Hate.

    Hotspacho would make a great celebrity baby name.

    Here’s a commercial that doesn’t make me want to shoot myself in the head.

  3. Lame. Siri is stupid.

    There’s an HTC Galaxy One where the guy jumps out of a plane and is using his phone to do a photo shoot. The ones on YouTube are different than we get here, but the music is so freaking annoying I want to throw something at the TV every time it comes one.

  4. The Siri commercials are quite awful. Even the first round of ads last summer when they featured non-famouses were annoying….and I hate all advertising in general.

    1. I hate advertising in general as well. I don’t watch many commercials, as that’s when I’m doing something on my laptop, or going to the bathroom, or going to the kitchen, what have you. And they’re really pointless, cause I have never, to my knowledge, bought anything because some celebrity is endorsing it or from whatever’s in the commerical. Waste of time and money.


    2. I don’t mind advertising in principle. Letting me know that things I want exist is a useful service. What I hate is when they do something stupid and annoying and I have to see it over and over again, like this one:

  5. I think the Rainy Day commercial is the epitome of the campaign: get Siri because you are too lazy to touch the screen.

    They should show Siri doing things other phones can’t. Like this:

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