What Were They Thinking?!

Last Saturday I had the honor of attending Mikey’s birthday karaoke party!  Despite the fact that private room was as hot as balls, everyone had a fantastic time.  I only managed to snap a few photos before the party became a giant, sweaty wet t-shirt tragedy.  And I’m sorry … but there is no video evidence.  Some voices are just too good to share with the rest of the world!  And now, without further ado … What Were They Thinking?!

What were Mikey and Ty thinking?!
Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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16 thoughts on “What Were They Thinking?!”

        1. Adam had left at that point. Also….some random kid stopped me in the hall and asked where I got a Fat Betty T-Shirt

  1. Mikey: If only this shirt were made of bacon…
    Ty: Who knew this thing would be harder to use than a Jeopardy buzzer?


      1. The punishment for unauthorized use of Fat Betty’s image is being deep fried. Fat Betty has turned on her converted hot tub so it will be ready when you get there.

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