The (not) Friday Five!

What happens when it’s Sunday and you realize you don’t have a Monday post for C&R? You come up with a quick (not) Friday Five, that’s what!

1. In honor of Mother’s Day yesterday, this compilation video:

2. This:

3. These Wonder Woman shoes. Someone make them for meeeee! I’m a size 6. And put some white stars on the heels, kay? Here’s the how to:

4. This review of Where is Baby’s Belly Button?

5. This month’s CD Exchange theme is Non North American music. I was looking for a J-pop song, but instead found this K-pop song. And now I can’t get it out of my head:

Runners up: Cooper, new Puntabulous posts, blooming jasmine, Mai Tais and driving on the coast. What’s on your list?


22 thoughts on “The (not) Friday Five!”

  1. 1. Wow
    2. Awwww
    3. Sweet
    4. Some Amazon reviews are really works of art unto themselves
    5. I really hope I get an entire CD of K-pop. It’s so addictive. (And I’m not being snarky here LOL)

    My things: My first experience with Dance Mom’s on TLC last night. 0_0 Holy shit. I fear I have a cold sore coming on my lip; anxiety; butter tarts; diet blood orange soda (diet soda cancels out tart calories).

    1. Yay – Dance Moms! I’m watching Dance Moms Miami, too. But it doesn’t hold a candle to the original.

  2. 4 reminded me of a conversation I had with the “wife” a few months ago:

    *Jenny asks me if I’ve ever seen The Bridges of Madison County*

    “In passing, I’ve never actually sat down and watched it.”

    “It’s very poignant”

    “I sorta just assumed the title gave the whole thing away, there’s a bridge in Madison County, there, I just saved myself two hours.”

    “But it’s plural. There’s more than one bridge so you missed out!”

    I think the Puntabulous posts should have made it simply because I almost dropped my Captain and Coke when I saw a new one up the other night. That was a real shocker.

  3. 1) How awesome my birthday was
    2) My Fat Betty T-shirt from Adam
    3) My Kindle Fire from Ty
    4) Roscoe playing with babies!
    5) That photo of the bulldog puppy!

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