Fat Betty in “The Fat Avengers”


17 thoughts on “Fat Betty in “The Fat Avengers””

  1. Betty, the alien invaders all got covered in doughnut batter and deep-fried when they stopped by Foodcourtia.

  2. Blaspheming The Avengers like this is a mortal sin. Having said that, though, I did laugh while reading it. 🙂


      1. Wow, I’m sure Tam will be happy that she’s equated with an ass and a fat lady. 🙂

        But I agree, Michelle M. should be at the top of the scale! 🙂


  3. Wait…why don’t you animate the other members of the Fat Avengers? Why am I the only forced to publicly overeat?

  4. It took me a while to remember who Reuban was. Poor Reuban, whatever happened to him. Maybe he’s the fat guy on that TLC show?

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