Fat Betty in “Happy Birthday Mikey”


11 thoughts on “Fat Betty in “Happy Birthday Mikey””

  1. Happy Birthday Mikey. I hope you have a most amazing day and that you do get a piece a cake, although trust me on this, it’s a slippery slope then on BC&RL.

  2. Happy Birthday sir, I shall have a cocktail or three tonight in your honor. I mean I was going to be drunk anyway after 5 so might as well have a reason for tonight’s bout of blatant alcoholism. Have a good one.

  3. How thoughtful of Fat Betty that was. Since she ate the whole cake, you won’t have any, and you’ll improve in the BC&RL! YAY, Fat Betty!

    Oh, and happy birthday Mikey! Just mailed your card yesterday, so it’ll be late….again….


    1. In all honesty…i probably would have done exactly what you depicted in your comic. I might have fried the cardboard first though.

  4. Happy Birthday Mikey!

    Should we implement a buddy system so that Betty doesn’t eat anyone?

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