It’s a C&R Dance Party!

Forget the CD Exchange (if I don’t participate, it doesn’t exist) let’s have a music exchange right here at Cocky & Rude!  Each time we have a C&R Dance Party, I’ll name a theme for the day and you’ll post your responses in the form of a YouTube video in the comments.  And don’t forget to dance!

Today’s Theme Is: A Favorite Song From Your Childhood! 
Link us to a YouTube video in the comments and tell us why it’s your favorite.
Feel free to answer more than once!

One of my favorite bands growing up was They Might Be Giants.  The first time I heard this song, I was at a Boy Scout sleep-over camp (probably feeling miserable because I hated being in the Boy Scouts).  The song is a hoot, and always brings a smile to my face.  Here’s They Might Be Giants’ Particle Man, by way of Tiny Toon Adventures:

Now it’s your turn!

(And by the way, if your video doesn’t post in the comments correctly, FEAR NOT! 
I’ll fix it as soon as I get a chance)


11 thoughts on “It’s a C&R Dance Party!”

  1. This was from the first album I ever bought as a wee tot. When you said childhood I took you literally. Bibbity bobbity boo. Makes you bob along.

  2. Geez, I barely remember my childhood….did they even HAVE music back then? Hmm, not sure what to put here this time…let’s try this one:

    Okay, see for whatever reason my work computer is on the rag and won’t let me copy and paste, and NO it has nothing to do with the fact I’ve only had one cup of coffee so far. I WANTED to post the Super Friends theme song video on here, but fuck it, if my computer’s not going to cooperate.


  3. This is the first song I can remember remembering. I remember hearing this with my dad in the car. I find her vibrato a little annoying now.

  4. This song reminds me of childhood. In 5th grade, the go to birthday gift was a Village People album. They played YMCA all the time at the roller rink.

  5. I got distracted.

    First, I was going to post the first record (45) I remember owning (age 5), “The Tra-La-La Song” (the Banana Splits Theme song), and then show how hip I am by pointing out that Bob Marley plagiarized the chorus in his song “Buffalo Soldier”.

    But I couldn’t find any good videos on youtube. Instead I found that someone was posting entire episodes of the Banana Splits Show to youtube, and lost a couple hours to that.

    THEN I thought I’d post my favorite song from the first rock album I owned (age 12), “It’s Late” by Queen. And I found a couple good *live* videos, but almost immediately discovered that a ton of 1970s Queen concerts are up on youtube *in their entirety*. Oh, and lots of other rock acts from that era as well.

    So there went the rest of the day. Good thing I didn’t have to go to work today.

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