Don’t you just hate it when a product you love is discontinued? I do! Here are just a few of my favorite things that no longer exist.

Bath Products: Listerex Herbal Facial Scrub kept my face nice and clear and Bonne Bell Shower 2000 (the green kind) smelled soooo good). I sure miss Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific! shampoo. It really did make my hair smell terrific.

Snack Foods: Chipsters and Korkers, Dixie Snack crackers (they were shaped liked little drumsticks), Dip in a Chip crackers and Flaky Flix cookies. Mrs. Field’s cookie stores are no longer around (in San Diego – and the Mrs. Field’s grocery store cookies just aren’t the same). And neither are the Pretzel Time stores – my favorite of the mall pretzel stores. Boo!

and Candy: I mentioned before how much I liked the now extinct Choco Lite bar. I also miss the Marathon Bar. And why doesn’t See’s Candies make the peanut butter lolly pop anymore? They said it’s due to peanut allergies, but their other candies contain peanuts. Whatever, See’s.

Entrees: I’m not an adventurous eater. When I go to a restaurant, I usually get the same thing. Hey, I know what I like! So imagine my dismay when my go-to meal has disappeared from the menu.

The Thai chicken wrap at Mimi’s Cafe.

The steak salad at Rock Bottom.

The chili at Red Robin.

And Harry is mourning the disappearance of the salmon sliders at Sammy’s Woodfire Pizza.

Well, those are just some of the things that I miss. How about you? Are there any products/foods that you will never, ever enjoy again? Let me know in comments!


21 thoughts on “R.I.P.”

  1. Hmm. I’m one of those people who rarely orders the same thing twice. I can’t think of anything off hand. I’ll have to think about this.

    I did discover we have a 5 Guys here now. Huh.

  2. I miss being able to stalk Craiggers at a house, where the neighbors are a yard away. In his condo, those nosy neighbors are literally right next door. And unlike the old place, there’s now that pesky neighborhood watch thing. 😦


  3. They removed the salmon sliders just before we took some out-of-towners to Sammy’s. I was saying how good they were.

    Also, why is it everything on the menu stays the same except for what they remove? They never replace the item with something “better”.

  4. Food wise, what I miss is Go-Go Clusters, can’t find them anywhere now. And LIfe-Savers coming in the little round tubes. Now, I can only find them all individually plastic wrapped in one big bag. I used to live off those little rolls of the Pep-O-Mint ones Course, that’s probably a contributing factor to my becoming diabetic, but still….


    1. Yes! What the hell happened to Lifesaver tubes? I liked the tropical flavored ones and the butterscotch ones. And all the gum nowadays is sugar free.
      I’ve never heard of go-go clusters. I’ll have to look them up.

      1. Actually, they’re GOO-GOO Clusters. Misprint, sorry. They’re like marshmellow stuff, with caramel overtop and peanuts on top of them, all covered in chocolate! YUMMY!

        And why can’t I find any decent ring bologna nowadays???


        1. They sound good. Now wonder you can’t find them. My store doesn’t carry Chachie’s salsa anymore (our salsa taste test winner). BOO!

          1. Oh, there was a pineapple salsa I LOVED, could eat it just out of the jar, screw chips. I’ve not found anything quite as delicious since.

  5. I miss Green Eggs and Ham. There is a local restaurant, Twist (where Craig, Robin and I met for dinner when he was in town) and they used to serve Green Eggs and Ham. It was pasta with pesto, prosciutto topped with a fried egg. It was awesome!

  6. I just remembered something. Laura Secord used to have a chocolate ice-cream with toasted coconut in it. *swoon* No more. *pout*

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