23 thoughts on “It’s My Bravo!”

  1. You can’t cancel the Housewives! I watch that crap!
    I’m just relieved I’m not starring in a parakeet hoarder show.

    We are going to have so much fun in the clubhouse!!

  2. Cancelled after the pilot due to low ratings, production begins on “It’s a Math, Math, Math, Math World”, a zany madcap film that follows the antics of five couples as they travel throughout the southwestern USA, searching for clues as they try to solve a nonlinear system of equations for the Big W. Cameo appearances by dozens of legendary comedians do little to attract audiences to the 3 hour snoozefest.

  3. *claps hands in delight* Totally hits and I get a Tiara!!!!!! I would totally watch them all, except the math pilot but maybe TwoPi’s revised version would be okay.

    You could watch them on Hulu Vuboq.

  4. I haven’t had Bravo since, god, back when they used to have Project Runway on there. In fact, that was the only thing I ever watched on Bravo to begin with. My love of reality TV is very low these days, it was something I enjoyed more in my early twenties when it was fresh and new and not the same fucking show over and over and over (there’s a good reason I don’t watch most movies too unless it’s something I really need to see.)

    Honestly, my TV watching is specifically set to a handful of shows and only once in a while do I venture past those and taste the fruits of what the glowing box has to offer. So I’m shit for your target audience, though if you were to do a show about drinking, or video games, count me in as a viewer.

  5. If only my life were fabulous enough for a tv show. Although finding a hookup in a Superman t-shirt, with a stash of obscure Star Trek novels covered by a purple place mat probably would eventually lead to true love. Especially if he’s an Asian with a hairthing. 😀

    Great job, as always, Adam.


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