Who are you? FIND OUT!


23 thoughts on “Who are you? FIND OUT!”

  1. Wow, that was awesome! Must have taken a lot of work. You’re slowly getting on Felice’s good side. When did Chris D. beat up Mr. Rogers, oh right, fight club, nevermind. I literally remembered that as I was typing. Love all the x’s in Mr. Sombrero’s box. So so so so truexxxxxxxxxx.

  2. This is great! Although, if I’m as big a power bottom as everyone seems to think I am, don’t you think more than one person can claim that ass as theirs? 🙂


    1. Hold on, let me write that down in my notes. “Polt’s ass, sexual deviant vortex.” Made sure to do this before I cocktail all day cause it’s Friday bitches!

        1. Just using the words cock and tail in the same sentence made me want to drink. Fuck, is it 4 yet, the “wife” needs to get her ass over here so I can start pounding drinks and make regretful tweets/drunk dials/texts.

          1. Really, someone thumbed down my drinking problem. Well, I never… I’m going to take my Captain and say “Good Day!” What’s that, oh, that leads to a closet … how about this door, bathroom, well for fuck sakes who designed the layout of this fucking place. How about here … another closet … I mean seriously, two closets this close apart. Oh, there’s the door … okay, again “Good Day!” /frump

  3. I agree that Michelle M is perfect in every conceivable way and I like the choose your own ending to Adam’s block. I think he is perfect in every conceivable flaw.

  4. Is that all I am to you? fat? I am so upset I can’t finish eating the third actor to play Bobby. I guess I will just settle for a bunch of fried butter.

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