What does your pet say about you?

Some claim that the pet you choose can reveal a lot about your personality.
Is it true?  Let’s find out…

Mikey & Ty: English Bulldog
“People who owned utility dogs, like English bulldogs …[are] more conscientious and extroverted.” (source)

Adam: Cat
“…A sensitive fella! And he’s not only sensitive, but just loves to send you photos of his cat all day long and post them on Facebook and Twitter. I’m not sure why this is, but guys with cats are prone to such things.” (source)

Mel: French Bulldog, 3 cats (also: 2.5 alpacas and 2 Shetland sheep)
“The owners … are expressive and full of personality. These people are often overachievers because they like a dog that is a bit of a challenge.” (source) “Cats inexplicably make you stand out as more and more insane with each additional feline you possess.” (source)

Michelle M.: Parakeet
If you “…fancy a smaller variety such as a Parakeet or Canary,
you tend to be softer-spoken with a gentle demeanor.” (source)

“You are easy going, but independent just like your cat; however,
you do enjoy a little snuggle time from time to time.” (source)

Craig: Wants a cat
Cat people are “more likely to be open… Open people tend to be:
curious, creative, artistic & nontraditional thinkers.” (source)

John: (had) Rabbits
“The reason your man would have a pet rabbit is because he never had one when he was a kid, and now that he’s living on his own, he’s going to finally fulfill that dream. The rabbit’s name is probably something like “Rambo”or “Killer” to make up for the fact that he’s a dude who actually owns a fluffy bunny.” (source)

Tam & The Kid: 2 Cats & a Rabbit
“If you get stressed out easily, you may be a cat person. Cat people were, as a group, 12% more neurotic than dog people. Neurotic people are: easily stressed, anxious & worriers.” (source) Rabbit owners are nice, active and are great with long-term commitments. (source) (Note: I couldn’t find a photo of Tam’s pets)

Josh: Cat & Dog
“If he owns a dog, your man is loyal and can actually commit, because owning a dog is as close to having a child as it comes.” (source) “Cat people are loners who are less religious than non-cat owners, want instant gratification, are satisfied with their jobs and are socially conscious.” (source)

Mama Polt: fluffy little dog
“…You have a desire to nurture your tiny pets. You tend to enjoy accessorizing and your pet can be an extension of that quality. Maybe you just really love cats but are in denial. In any case, you love that you can take your small pooch with you almost anywhere.  You are probably as cute and lovable as your puppy, but sometimes might be considered annoying.” (source)


30 thoughts on “What does your pet say about you?”

  1. https://p.twimg.com/ApA0nGJCAAE9aIv.jpg:large

    My two Boston Terrorists Rocky and Izzy (though Izzy is more like his sister who lives with my sister and only comes over to annoy the fuck out of me when I’m trying to get work done. I do love my Rocky though.)

    Luckily, I had this pic already posted to my Twitter because there was no way I was going to make such an effort to bother readding it.

  2. It must have been really hard to pick just one photo pf Cooper. They’re all so cute.

    What does having a centipede mean?

    1. How long until you are able to make one of those pictures of Cooper made up of a bunch of tiny pictures of Cooper?

  3. I have a freaking long-term relationship with the rabbit that will not die. Not that I WANT him to die really, but most rabbits live about 8 years, he’s nearly 11.

    Mama Polt is never annoying.


        Felice is my pet dinosaur. He thought you guys had a special bond since you were both vegans. Apparently he thought wrong.

  4. Mama Polt doesn’t really accesorize much at all, and she doesn’t take Angel anywhere except on short walks around town. However, our previous dog, Kookee, Mom DID in fact tie bows behind each of her ears and paint her toenails red. I shit you not, she did indeed. She painted that dog’s nails more than she did her own.

    Not sure what that says about her….not sure i want to know…. 🙂


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