It’s Your Friday Five!

This week I turned to you for a Friday Five… and by FSM, you delivered!  By the power of Grayskull, I present YOUR Friday Five!

Hot problems! We can all relate, I’m sure. These girls are just… awful. They make yearn for the vocal styling of Rebecca Black. I’m pretty sure this video is the beginning of the End of Days. -Michelle M.

NYC is Effed.

And you know what End of Days means. That’s right. Zombies! Here’s a Zombie Survival Map. Just plug in your address and find all the resources you need to help you survive an undead outbreak. -Michelle M.

Since we’ve been rehearsing FAME like forever – the mastermind behind Tyrone Jackson decided to start filming us seeing as we are a kick ass cast! The vlogs have been posted for our viewing enjoyment and this is our most recent. I recommend skipping the useless stuff and going straight to 2:48 where we start dance warm up with our lovely choreographer Chloe! Then it’s our opening number, Pray/Hard Work. After is our wonderful Tyrone singing Dancing on the Sidewalk! Enjoy! Also this is still rehearsal we’re much better now I promise! Our opening night went fantastic and hopefully the rest do toooooo! -Kristen “The Kid”

I know that this Doritos commercial is from the Super Bowl but I still love it. Every time it’s on I have to stop what I’m doing and watch. When he slams into the window it kills me! -Tam

Polt's laptop was broken!

What made this week great for me? Friends that have enough intimate knowledge of computers to help me reformat my laptop. Thanks to StratCat, it’s now back up and running, albeit, a smidge differently than before, just minor changes, mind you, but changes nonetheless. Still, it’s better than what I had before she got it up and running. So yay to friends who can do that, in general, and to StratCat in particular! -Polt

Have you ever imagined what goes on inside the head of your favorite pet?  Well one enterprising Brit put those wonders onto my current favorite tumblr blog.  It even got me to use the term tumblr, which I hate.  I mean…why not tumbler?  It’s only one more letter.  I mean….seriously.  Anyway….check out the site for all the real life inspired texts between one person and their dog. -Mikey

Roscoe would look awesome with a monocle.

MY GOODNESS What a week! Hot Problems, Zombies, Fame, Doritos commercials, friends with computer knowledge, and a British dog that can text! It’s such a great Friday Five that there actually six! Wowzers!

And since I didn’t participate this week, here are MY runners up: open windows, my bicycle, Dick Clark died, Wawa Diet Green Tea, driving with the windows down, going to bed early, ant traps, Draw Something, mustaches, Kindle Fire and hardcore gay pornography.


11 thoughts on “It’s Your Friday Five!”

  1. That was like watching Degrassi and Glee all rolled up into one. Looks like a fun bunch of kids. Congratulations on your opening night, Kristen!

    I hadn’t seen that Doritos commercial before. NOW I WANT DORITOS!

    Glad your computer is working Polt. Friends who aren’t useless are the best!

    Roscoe will need a pipe to go with that monocle.

  2. 1. I’ll have to listen to that song later. Maybe. Zombies are scary.
    2. The show was amazing last night. They have some extremely talented kids, funny too.
    3. I want Doritos too.
    4. Friends are great, and working computers.
    5. I love texts from dog.So funny.Don’t you wish you’d thought of it?

  3. 1. Ouch…my ears are bleeding
    2. I hope I’m able to survive the Zombie Apocalypse
    3. FAME….that’s what’s due to the Kid!
    4. I haven’t had Doritos in years
    5. Friends are great for things like that….Adam never helps me.
    6. I am awesome

  4. The only thing that jumped out for me in that jumble of hangover words was the stache, which my brother is currently growing. Mustaches are fucking creepy, either go full goatee like I have since I was 13 or just stop it!

    If anyone needs me I’ll be face down under the desk, poke me with a stick in a few hours so I can make sure I’m still alive and around for Monday’s post.

  5. That “music” video was horrible.
    I’m actually in a pretty good location for zombie survival.
    That video needs more Kid. And maybe cowbell.
    Friends are good, especially to trip when running away from zombies.
    Texts from Dog was pretty damn funny.

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