Adam Grrrrrrrr’s Too!

Stuff annoys me too.Β  Enjoy!

There’s not much that can distract me from Julia Roberts‘ giant mouth. One thing that can? Lily Collins‘ giant eyebrows in Mirror, Mirror.

I hate when people write the word that you’re trying to guess in Draw Something!!

And why the hell does it take so long for my Android Phone to load Draw Something? And why can’t I have the flashy loading screen that iPhone users get to see?

People at work that don’t know how to do their own job, and expect me to cover for them.

Movies like Tower Heist that pretend to be comedies. I DIDN’T LAUGH ONCE.

When I’m in a store and I can’t figure out how much something costs. Label the damn shelf!

Gas is so expensive! Grumble, grumble, grumble!!

People who don’t recycle!

Other things that bug me: People who throw trash on the floor of public restrooms, the fact that no matter how much I diet and exercise I can’t seem to lose any weight, I didn’t create (and then sell) Instagram, and people who won’t buy the stuff I’m selling on eBay.

Call me a whiny baby in the comments!


41 thoughts on “Adam Grrrrrrrr’s Too!”

  1. Yay! We should move into an old folks home and be grumpy together! Anyone else want to come?

    Those are some wild eyebrows. It annoys me when I have an eyebrow hair that isn’t quite long enough to pluck.
    It annoys me that there’s finally a reason for me to get a cell phone (Draw Something).
    If it’s not labeled it should be free.

    1. Don’t joke about it being free. Based on my reading of Retail comic, they hear that joke all the time and might snap.

  2. Ohhh. Good ones. I paid $5.32/gallon for gas here on Sunday. Ack! That’s not even the highest we’ve ever paid but it hurts.

    I find in general there is much less recycling in the US than in Canada (at least in some places). It kills me when I visit friends and they throw glass and plastic in the trash. It’s like a physical reaction. EVERYONE recycles up here. We even have organic waste recycling here. I’ve not got into that because the idea of having rotting waste sitting in a green bin for 2 weeks kind of freaks me out, but I do regular recycling, paper, plastic, metal, glass.

    Oh, and you’re a whiny baby.

    1. Everyone I know recycles around here, too. Even Allen’s straight frat-boy pot-head roommates in north carolina. I have the same physical reaction to people putting glass and metal and plastic in the trash.

      Organic waste recycling — that’s interesting. Are you talking about just plant matter? Lisa and I used to save that for composting, including coffee grounds and tea leaves (the only “cooked” plant matter I think you can compost). You can’t compost meat or anything oily, though, from what I understand. Even now we keep most uncooked plant matter (apart from cruciferous vegetables, which develop a sulfurous smell) such as onion peelings and ends cut off carrots and celery, rather than throwing them out, for making vegetable stock or for adding to chicken or beef or lamb stock.

      But if we ever get around to composting again I’d certainly rather keep all that stuff myself for my own yard rather than recycle it to the city.

  3. HOLY CRAP! And here I thought $3.92 was high!

    I really hate that I had to mow my lawn yesterday. I’m also annoyed by people who don’t reply to their messages. Lily could use a good waxing or at the very least, a threading.

  4. What bugs me? Computer viruses, still. Also whiney babies. And that the comments button is at the TOP of the post, so after reading through the post, I have to scroll all the way back to the top to hit it and be able to make a comment. Blech.


      1. If my parents are over, they’ll take whatever cans and bottles will get them 5 cents. Not out of love for the environment, but because they’re poor.

          1. We recycle (a truck comes) AND we get paid. Harry takes out the plastic and glass bottles and takes them to the center. He usually makes about 15 or 16 bucks.

          1. I’m surprised that you didn’t know that yet. My GIR obsession must be becoming less noticeable.

            1. I remember you explaining your avatar to me once and this is familiar from that conversation, but no, I didn’t connect that to “GIRRRR” πŸ™‚ Must be my brain becoming less functional πŸ™‚

  5. Speaking of not recycling, the worst was in college when I would see paper bags full of beer bottles or cans sitting in the trash right next to the recycling bins. It would have taking only the most trivial amounts of effort to set the bag down in the right bin.

    Although, now that I think about it, it may not have been as trivial when they were hungover.

  6. At my former place of employment, I was under the impression that the cleaning staff emptied both kinds of bins into the same dumpster.

    1. Where I work, they do the same thing. Although they have recycling bins, the only thing that they really recycle is paper. I bring all of my recyclable bottles home with me.

      1. I do the same thing. It’s really annoying my employer only recycles paper. It’s not like I LIKE to have to take empty bottles with me.

  7. Speaking more about not recycling, several towns in the Boston area have begun to charge for trash pickup — some even require that residents purchase special trash bags FROM the city (they get fined if they buy them from a grocery store / hardware store / whatever) and then they get charged by weight or # of bags or something. At the same time, recycling is free. This is a strong incentive for people to recycle. As it is, we put out more recycling than we do trash already so I’m not too worried if they institute this in my town.

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