Have You Ever… Had a Workplace Conflict?!

Did you know that April is Workplace Conflict Awareness Month? I didn’t either! This month we strive to deal with conflicts openly and directly, in order to build a high performance organization. But instead of that crap, let’s talk about all the workplace conflicts that we’ve been involved with!

You know the rules: For each question that you answer ‘yes’ to, give yourself a single point. When you reach the end of the quiz, add up your points and post your total in the comments.

Have You Ever?!

1. Have you ever been involved in a workplace conflict?
2. Have you ever had to deal with a rude, aggressive or inconsiderate coworker?
3. Have you ever shouted at a coworker?
4. Have you ever been shouted at by a coworker?
5. Have you ever been angry at a coworker?
6. Have you ever had a coworker that you never got along with?
7. Have you ever been the coworker that no one got along with?
8. Have you ever complained to a coworker’s boss about coworker’s behavior?
9. Have you ever been called to Human Resources or a manager’s office because of a workplace conflict?
10. Have you ever been sent home from work because of a workplace conflict?
11. Have you ever been suspended or otherwise punished for your poor workplace behavior?
12. Have you ever regretted your poor behavior in the workplace (in regards to a conflict)?
13. Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment?
14. Have you ever accused someone else of sexual harassment?
15. Have you ever been accused of discrimination in the workplace?
16. Have you ever accused someone else of discrimination in the workplace?
17. Have you ever kept notes on a coworker’s poor behavior to later use against them?
18. Have you ever gotten someone fired?
19. Have you ever been fired because of a workplace conflict?
20. Have you ever struck a coworker?
21. Have you ever been struck by a coworker?
22. Have you ever sabotaged (or pranked) a coworker to punish them for their poor workplace behavior?
23. Have you ever been sabotaged (or pranked) because of your poor workplace behavior?
24. Have you ever been reported to authorities (security, police, court, etc.) because of a workplace conflict?
25. Have you ever been sued or arrested because of a workplace conflict?

Now punch the coworker that’s closest to you as hard as you can and then tell us your total in the comments. Do you have any good workplace conflict stories to share? Tell us all about those too!

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14 thoughts on “Have You Ever… Had a Workplace Conflict?!”

  1. 6.
    Yay – the Office Space photo made it. Tam has a good workplace conflict photo on her blog (and a cute story to go with it).

  2. 3. I’m pretty easy to get along (of course people annoy me all the time) with but I’ve witnessed it in my office (like 5 feet away) or heard horror stories. I’ve never heard of anyone actually hitting someone firsthand, but I think it’s been close.

  3. Well, I’m the HR guy, so I have dealt with most of these in one form or another, but my individual total is 9. I’ve come across some strange things in my time, (I mean srsly, who grabs the HR guy’s butt?) but I know colleagues who have had to deal with even more bizzare behavior.

    A point about #18: Nobody can can someone fired. People put themselves in the position to be fired.

  4. 8, but the vast majority of these involved the Bossy Know-It-All Coworker, who retired in 2010, thank God. other than her, I get along with pretty much everybody.


  5. When I did my training as a new member of the union executive, we assumed that hauling off and punching someone would pretty much mean and automatic firing, but apparently not. You have to do something worse, maybe if you killed a coworker, or have a series of repeated behaviour to be fired. I’m all about second chances, but if you punch me I’d be pretty pissed if nothing happened.

    1. I doubt that “nothing” would happen. Most likely they’d have to sit through 12 hours of workshops on appropriate ways to express oneself in the workplace, followed by an extensive web-based multiple guess quiz, and a workshop evaluation form.

      Not clear who gets the worse end of that interaction.

      1. True, there’d be counselling and mediation or something, but they wouldn’t necessarily be punished in the sense of being demoted, or losing their job or any pay. Although even in government, those kind of incidents are pretty rare, and I’m sure if it happened, the stories would spread like wildfire.

        I did hear the story of someone who literally slammed his office door in his bosses face. She was my boss when I heard the story (and I don’t really blame him) but it was inches from smashing her face and he just let it fly. Nothing ever happened there as she didn’t pursue it. Mind you, she was in mediation for harrassing our admin when I left that job, so as I said, I don’t really blame him. LOL

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