Let’s hear for the Five!

While the other lazy bloggers* on this site take a vacation this week, I had the distinct pleasure to see and write about all the awesome things that happened this week. What does that spell? FRIDAY FIVE!!!!

The first absolutely amazing thing to happen this week is release of The Hunger Games in theaters. I was eagerly anticipating its release since I read the books and I wasn’t disappointed. Sure some of the internal angst and paranoia of Katniss Everdeen were lost in translation when the filmmakers needed to externalize her thoughts, but the movie on its own is a powerhouse of entertainment and pleasure (which is really ironic since it’s about a bunch of teenagers made to kill each other). If you haven’t seen it, go right now. If you have seen it, go again. I plan to do just that.

After I recovered from Peeniss-mania, I was thrilled for the return of Mad Men. It came back with a bang and I have renewed my love for what is arguably the best television show of all time. The premiere wasn’t perfect or my favorite of in the shows cannon, but it raised a lot of really intriguing plot points that I am eagerly anticipating. Get on the bandwagon if you haven’t.

Speaking of Mad Men you might have heard that resident whackjob January Jones has been consuming her own placenta since giving birth. This is oddly night an isolated incident of self-cannibalism. It is some weird earthy trend. Ewww.

Now that you have vomited up your breakfast, I will treat you to a laugh. Have you ever wondered how all of your favorite internet porn memes would be if they got recreated by children? Well Romania has your answer. In a misguided campaign against child pornography, they have created just that. The results are amusing.

Rounding out our five is the achingly distant return of Doctor Who. The wunderkinds behind the show released a teaser trailer for the new season and it did exactly what it should have: make me go “huh?” and “OMG! I can’t wait.” So without further adieu…I give you Doctor Who.

That’s all folks. Just teenage bloodsport, Mad Men, placenta pills, crayon porn, and Doctor Who. What’s on your list? Please tell me it’s a petition to bring Adam and Michelle back. Please!

*I am fully aware of the fact that I am the laziest of the lazy involved with this blog. I just needed an attention grabbing opening line.


21 thoughts on “Let’s hear for the Five!”

  1. 1. Eh
    2. Eh
    3. *gag*
    4. o_0 Clown porn? But there hearts, that’s means they’re in love right?
    5. I watch it periodically, I’m just not an avid fan.

  2. I saw somewhere Doctor Who wont premiere until Aug 27th. Is that right???? ISn’t that awfully far off, since they usually start in April?


      1. Hmmm, but maybe this way there won’t be a month or two break in the middle of the season? Maybe they’ll just run them all one right after the other?


  3. Is it wrong I have no desire or interest at all toward The Hunger Games, Mad Men and Dr. Who. I mean, I’m a trendy whore who’s all about whoring for trends but none of these things jab me enough to care about them. If you were discussing drinks on the other hand … what time is it, is it cocktail time yet?

      1. I am definitely going to have to agree with Craig on this one…..Hunger Games is infinitely better than anything Twilight. I mean….we all know how important it is to have a boyfriend, which is why Katniss rocks. She has two!

        1. Pfft, boyfriends are overrated, do what I did and whore your way through your teens and early twenties, it makes for such great stories and secret jokes when you’re an old hag like me these days.

      2. It’s not that I don’t trust your judgement, I just have to read A Wolf At The Table, The Fountainhead (A friend told me to read it like 8 years ago and I hear it’s a raging piece of shit so I want to be able to yell at him when I finally do,) and A Game of Thrones. Combine that with my inability to not be attempting to be drunk all the time and or video games and I’m slacking a little bit. It’s on my agenda sheet, just at the current moment, it’s on the “meh” list.

        As for Twilight aka god, I can’t believe I go to midnight openings of this shit movie and threw the book across the room. Edward was a really well done character, he made me swoon and all that good shit. Personally, I hate myself for reading the books, seeing the movies but it’s only because Edward and Robert Pattinson make my man parts all stupid.

        Don’t worry though, one day you will get a personalized FB response about The Hunger Games, it will sneak up on you, like one of my drinks!

        God, it’s so early but it needs to be cocktail time damn it!

    1. The Hunger Games was engaging enough to be one of the few books that I got half way through and realized that I wasn’t going to be bed before finishing it.

      Trust me. I’m a scientist.

      1. I’ll read it, it’s just low on my priority list. Video games, drinking, writing and looking at shirtless boys consume too much time as it is.

  4. 1. I’m waiting for the crowds to die down before I see The Hunger Games. I find all those people distracting, and if someone makes too much noise, I might go all Katniss on their ass. Much better for me to wait for an almost empty theater.
    2./3. I’m loving Mad Men – I’m almost caught up. And “ew’ about J.J.
    4. That was so bizarre.
    5. Don’t watch.

    *I am not offended at being called lazy, because I am!

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