Zou Bisou Bisou

Once again Mad Men has proven that it is the greatest show of all time.  Not only did the show come back with a bang on Sunday night, it came back with a seizure inducing amount of laughter.  Don’s new wife, Megan, who last season just seemed like an opportunistic waif, is turning out to more of a piece of work than Betty.  During Don’s surprise 40th birthday party, Megan treats Don to a special number that must have perturbed everyone in the room.  It made me laugh and quite a bit.  In fact, I think that Don himself felt like crawling under the couch in their ultramodern 1960s conversation pit.

What other hijinks will she get up to this season? I think we may have only scratched the surface of her distinct brand of French Canadian zaniness. I am anticipating a showdown between her and Betty. How awesome would it be if it’s this Dynasty style slapfest concluding with them both taking a swim in the Central Park pond.


10 thoughts on “Zou Bisou Bisou”

  1. Watching this scene was such a crazy whirlwind of emotions. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cringe, so I just did both. It was amazing.

  2. I love how increasingly unraveled Megan became over the entire episode…and one of the best lines was her friend saying “Megan is a great actress.” Hint, hint, Don!

  3. I also love how we’re on our fourth Bobby Draper. Guess the last one got too busy with Once Upon a Time, and now we have the new one from Desperate Housewives.

  4. Having never seen the show, I don’t have the context in which this takes place. So for me, I was cringing more at the fashions. Wow.


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