True Confessions


47 thoughts on “True Confessions”

      1. Because I can’t see all the other answers, and I’m too lazy to click on each message in my inbox again, I’m going with:


  1. 1. Mush
    2. Mel
    3. TwoPi
    4. VUBOQ
    5. Nathan

    My guesses are too close to the original order but that’s what I think. NO ONE BE OFFENDED CAUSE I STILL LOVE YOU ALL!

  2. (Oh WordPress, how I adore the fact that I just lost a long post to the log in because WordPress is a piece of shit newly instated policy.)

    So since Puntabulous (the site) is essentially dead and TV Night is all about me being a diva and hating on shows, I figured I’d venture over here where everyone is and drop in an occasional swearing filled, drunk rambling about something or another (it is Friday after all, the cocktailing needs to start at some point.)

    The main reason I’m posting (and not venturing a guess because I don’t know anyone well enough) is I was intrigued by the blind item. Is it really wrong to have been betting on when the pope was going to kick the bucket? I mention this because a buddy of mine and I have a game called Dead Celebrity. It started back when Michael Jackson died. He had called me to tell me that he had had a heart attack and I, being a gossip site slut, responded a minute later that he was dead. This somehow spiraled into a morbid game that goes something like this. The first person to tell the other that a celebrity has died gets 1 point. The goal of the game is to get 10 points but there are hurdles. For example, if the other person gets a celebrity before you, the points you had automatically reset and vice versa. Certain celebrities are worth less than others, so there are half points, etc. There’s also a 24 Hour Card that can be played where you can call a celebrity you think that’s going to croak and you have it locked for 24 hours. However, if they don’t die, you can’t use it again for the duration of the month and you can’t use it again on that same celebrity (Zsa Zsa has fucked me so many times.) Sure, it’s morbid and awful, but that’s just what some people need, mindless distractions and the such.

    We have another game called BOW which is offensive but loads of fun, I’ll explain it at some other point because atm, I’ve pretty sure I’ve said way too much as is.

    1. These phrases “(Zsa Zsa has fucked me so many times.) Sure, itโ€™s morbid and awful, but thatโ€™s just what some people need”, taken totally out of context, are TOTALLY AWESOME! I think I shall try to incorporate this into my vocabulary, like I have “Well ain’t that a belt to the balls?” and “It’s just like schtupping Barbara Bush.”


  3. I think it’s a trick question and that Adam did them all. When he as 12 and his parents wouldn’t give him any chocolate cause they thought he was allerigic, he ran away and into a rusted barbed wire fence, where he tore up his calf. Because he spent so much time in the hospital over it, he flunked out of college and took up using cocaine and poppers, while placing bets on when the Pope would die.


  4. Tam #1:
    1. VUBOQ, 2. Nathan, 3. TwoPi, 4. Mel, 5. Mush

    Tam #2:
    1. Mush, 2. Nathan, 3. Mel, 4. TwoPi, 5. VUBOQ

    Tam #3:
    1. VUBOQ, 2. Mush, 3. Mel, 4. Nathan, 5. TwoPi

    1. Mush, 2. Mel, 3. TwoPi, 4. VUBOQ, 5. Nathan

    1. Mush, 2. Nathan, 3. VUBOQ, 4. Mel, 5. TwoPi

    1. Mush, 2. TwoPi, 3. Nathan, 4. VUBOQ, 5. Mel

    1. Mush, 2. Nathan, 3. TwoPi, 4. Mel, 5. VUBOQ

    Tam #4
    1. Mush, 2. VUBOQ, 3. Nathan, 4. Mel, 5. TwoPi

      1. The computer program that I wrote for (and was completely useless for) Craig’s confessions told me that there was only one remaining option.

  5. Now that it’s all over:

    Screw you bitches! I’ve never flunked out of school*, and quite frankly I’m pretty butthurt you all think I did! I was on the freakin’ President’s list last year! Jeez!

    *apologies to those of you who have flunked out of school

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