Tam’s Twitter Adventures!


19 thoughts on “Tam’s Twitter Adventures!”

    Tam with the toothbrush, God telling Tam to settle, Tam’s f*cking luggage, the furry chest. It’s comedy platinum. Adam, you should just do Twitter Tam everyday.

    I’m shocked at the mayo on the BK burger. You’re supposed to have it your way!

  2. I did not comb my hair with a toothbrush. And my luggage is blue. And why is there a can of paint by the park bench?

    I swear it was the worst trip home I ever experienced. Sigh. United Airlines sucks.

  3. I have never been to San Francisco, much less the Castro, much less naked IN the Castro. My ass however, well who knows?


    1. There ya go, Adam, you’re looking for a new poll? How about which Tam is our favorite? Drunk Tam, Angry Tam, Chainsaw Tam, Emo Tam, Match Game Tam, etc, etc. 🙂


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