What Were They Thinking?!

Today we’re going to take a peek at the final three photos from Ty’s Surprise Birthday Party. Check back throughout the day for two more What Where They Thinking?! photos!

What were Adam and Craig thinking?!  Leave your thoughts in the comments!
Submit your What Were They Thinking?! photos to: cockyandrudedotcom@gmail.com


16 thoughts on “What Were They Thinking?!”

  1. Adam: Hmm… I wonder if I should ask about Craig’s new ring?
    Craig: Ask me about my new ring! Ask me about my new ring!

    1. My parents gave me the ring for Christmas. It’s my Dad’s old ring that he got from my grandparents as a graduation from high school present. It’s an onyx ring which was supposedly a trendy thing back in the 60s. It’s not very stylish nowadays, but I’ve grown used to it and kinda like it now. My Dad always wore it when we were growing up, so it feels cool being the one wearing it now.

  2. Adam: Sigh… Mikey’s swinging from the chandelier again.
    Craig: My face says I’m happy, but my mood ring says that I’m going to unleash like Tam at a Burger King.

  3. Adam: Even though Craig specifically asked what faces we would make for the picture so we could coordinate, I shall do the opposite!
    Craig: SMILE!

  4. Adam: Damn thing’s malfunctioning AGAIN!
    Craig: We’ve secretly replaced Adam’s thoughts with random thoughts of internet lurkers. Let’s see what happens….

  5. Adam: Being Craig’s “wingman” is always so mortifying.
    Craig: Oooh, I bet THIS one will want to come home and see my action figures!

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