Let’s Laugh At Some Dental Druggies!

Dentists can be pretty awful motherfu¢kers!  They’re always digging around in your mouth, ripping out your teeth, drilling, scraping, and all sorts of crap.  They cut you, they hurt you, they leave you feeling like crap AND they take all your money!  The only good thing that they do is give you druuuugs.  And when you’re high on laughing gas and general anesthesia, your awful family and loved ones record you and then post it on YouTube so we can all laugh at you!  Check out these three drugged-out lunatics and then vote for your favorite:


Have you ever been a dental druggy? Or are your teeth perfect in every way? Let’s talk about it in the ‘ments.


21 thoughts on “Let’s Laugh At Some Dental Druggies!”

  1. I’ve had pretty good teeth. A few fillings but I’ve never had dental surgery, so no videos of me being goofy. My only complaint is recently I apparently cracked a tooth eating cinnamon hearts. The doctor was just getting ready to fill it (I was all frozen) when she found out her kid fell at school and was hurt but she did my tooth anyway. I’m starting to wonder if she screwed it up because even now, two weeks later I find sometimes I have to take Advil because it aches. Not all the time, but I woke up last night around 2:00 and I’m not sure I was clenching my teeth or what, but it was really killing me. Ugh. I’m going to have to go back. Waaahh. The worst part for me is the needle with the freezing. Honest to god, I nearly have a panic attack during that process. After that I’m fine.

  2. I started clicking through the recommended videos to watch more and laugh until I came upon one where a guy started crying because he thought he was ugly now. That killed the mood.

          1. No, just made that second comment after realizing I made a comment disagreeing with your completely valid and arbitrary opinion regarding funny youtube videos. I believe I’m adding to the downfall of the internet. UR WRONG N U SHOOD DIE!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. “What’s in my mouth? Gauze. Oh. What’s in my mouth?” LOVE it!

    I had all four wisdom teeth removed at the same time and had no issues. I also wasn’t nearly that loopy. I still like “David after the dentist”

    1. Are you sure that you weren’t that loopy, or is it that nobody was able to get the proof on tape?

            1. Cupcake that was harsh! (if a bit accurate…) I wasn’t that loopy. I remember them waking me up and just being…awake. I was able to walk after about 5 minutes and went home. I slept for like 12 hours once I got home, but no major issues with being all disoriented.

              I’ll have you know, Craig, I was in my 30’s when I had my wisdom teeth removed and that wasn’t all that long ago. Jerk.

  4. #2, simply cause he’s cute. And I’m glad no one filmed me when i got mine out. I remember laughing at nothing and then laughing at the pain I was feeling. Crazy.


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