What Were They Thinking?!

Last Friday night I had the honor of hanging out with Mikey, Ty, Craig and Mr. Sombrero at Ty’s Surprise Birthday Party! We all had a lot of fun (and alcohol) and managed to snap a few What Where The Thinking photos. Today I’ll be posting 3 of those photos … check back throughout the day for more fun!

What were Adam, Mikey & Craig thinking?!  Leave your thoughts in the comments!
Submit your What Were They Thinking?! photos to: cockyandrudedotcom@gmail.com


8 thoughts on “What Were They Thinking?!”

  1. Adam: Is that Mickey’s hand in my pocket?
    Mickey: Where did my phone go?
    Craig: This will get Donald Duck to notice me.

  2. Mikey: I am a devious scoundrel for pulling off this awesome surprise party.
    Adam: Agreed!
    Craig: Whoever’s taking this picture is HOT!

  3. Adam: Hehe! I’m touching Mikey’s nip because I had 2 alcoholic beverages and I’m totally wasted!
    Mikey: Look at me! I’m a sexy beast!
    Craig: Check out my duckface!

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