The (not) Friday Five!

1. News interns caught on camera!

2. Harry!

Instead of doing it himself (which he is capable of, but would never get around to), Harry (finally) decided to hire a drywaller to patch up the holes and window frames in my office and in our bedroom. Hallelujah!

3. The Twilight Video Game!

4. Guest posts!

Posting is hard. Sometimes you just need a break. Adam came up with a guest post for me for Cooper’s Corner. Check it out! And if you would like to guest post for me (either here or on Cooper’s Corner, let me know! I’m lazy and not ashamed to admit it.)

5. The Girl Scout Thin Mints candy bar!

Nestle is teaming up with the Girl Scouts to produce a Thin Mints inspired candy bar. It may show up in June. I should be done with my diet by then.

Runners up: Homemade chicken noodle soup on a rainy day, library hold lists, hot water bottles, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, getting all your laundry done, and the My First Wonder Woman book (which I bought for my 3 year old niece [they have a Superman one too, Polt]).


16 thoughts on “The (not) Friday Five!”

  1. I can’t believe hardcore gay porn didn’t make the list. You can’t tell Mikey’s not around. I can’t believe I’m still awake. I love how the interns try to get off camera. The guy SLOWLY rolling backwards out of the shot is brilliant.

  2. You mean there’s a book where I can “touch and feel” Superman, and you haven’t sent it to me yet ?????? Man if it’s the Dean Cain Superman, I’m gonna buy a whole case of those puppies!


    1. I watched the last movie the other night (I’ve also read all the books), and all are as awful as reported. The last movie had a scene of the CG wolves with the character’s voice overs – it was horrendous. And Kristen Stewart is the worst actress (if you can call her that) ever.

  3. The guy rolling out of site is classic. You can tell he’s looking at the monitor and thinking “still in, still in, still in….ok out.” Thin mint crunch just might overtake sliced bread.

      1. Milky Way Simply Caramel are nearly oragasmic! Only the Cadbury Caramel Eggs surpass their awesomeness!


  4. I love how the newslady tried to hide the fact that she’s looking at a monitor and can see the dummy behind her. If i was an intern, I’d do my best to always be in the background.

  5. Isn’t the point of filming the anchor in the newsroom so that they can get real live reporters working in the background?

    1. New construction yes. The window used to be a wall, which used to be a french door, which used to be a wall. Over the course of time, the outlet was moved and retrofit receptacles don’t need to be placed on a stud.

      Before the drywaller arrives, I will be placing the outlet on a stud. And securing the Romex to the stud within 6 inches of the outlet.

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